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You Win: CleanSlate is Now an IBM Platinum Partner

Platinum Partner status means CleanSlate will be able to offer platinum-level advantages to our current and future clients, while continuing to provide the expertise and dedication to quality that got us here in the first place.

Where are you in your IBM Cloud Journey?

IBM Cloud allows IT organizations to standardize upon software-defined infrastructure that is simpler to acquire, deploy, manage and scale out as business needs grow, without sacrificing reliability and security.

What is ILMT—and why do I need it?

The IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT) is a system created by IBM to help businesses measure and monitor software usage. While that might not sound important, it’s a critical tool for just about any company using IBM software in a complex environment.

Welcome to Top Gun

Two of our account executives, Ben Thomas and Brandon Montgomery, recently attended Software and Solutions Top Gun ...

Using IBM Detect to Protect Your Business

As part of IBM’s BigFix suite of products, Detect is a critical component of keeping your business safe from potentially devastating cyber attacks. It provides endpoint detection and response solutions for threat analysis, and has capabilities far beyond your typical endpoint detection and response tool.

Understanding Dynamic Scan Groups

Software scans—like those performed with ILMT—are familiar to just about anybody working in Software Asset Management (SAM). They keep you compliant, help ensure there won’t be any surprises during a software audit, and are critical for giving you important details about your software inventory.

Over-deployed? Self-reporting Keeps You Compliant.

There’s nothing wrong with self-managing your software assets. But if you do, it’s important that your company knows what to do if you discover an over-deployment of licensed products. When that happens—and it happens to the best of us—here’s what you should do next.

Making sense of the Software Asset Management (SAM) puzzle

Corporations implement SAM strategies to help control and lower cost—but more important, they do it to maintain compliance. Sometimes SAM seems like an impossible puzzle, especially when you’re crunched for time and resources. As a software consulting firm, CleanSlate leverages our years of experience and depth of knowledge to help our clients do just that.

Just How Easy is it to be Hacked?

Earlier this year, David Gilbertson published an excellent article on Hacker Noon with the eye-catching title “I’m harvesting credit card numbers and passwords from your site. Here’s how.” While the article is noted as a fictional endeavor, the approach that is detailed is certainly something that could have a negative impact on corporations around the world.

IoT Easy as Pi

The Internet of Thing (IoT) is rapidly becoming more popular as services, such as home automation and health ...

ILMT upgrade: The Good, the bad, and the ugly.

Don’t delay in preparing for and implementing ILMT, or the upgrade of your existing ILMT platform. Whether your company is just in the exploratory phase or is starting to plan for deployment, you are not alone.

How to Get Started with Non-PVU Reporting

If your company uses IBM products, PVU reporting is something you’re probably familiar with. But it’s easy to forget that there are licensed products outside of PVU that require proper managing and reporting, too.

Heading into the New Year with IT Asset Management

It is about that time of the year when companies are trying to finalize their future budget cycle and financial allocations. Companies allocate roughly 5%, and even upwards of 10% for some industries, of company revenue for IT budget.

Have you heard of IBM Cloud Object Storage?

The IBM Cloud Object Storage (COS) System is a breakthrough cloud platform that helps solve petabyte and beyond storage challenges for companies worldwide. Enterprises that need to store large volumes of unstructured data must look beyond their current storage solutions and evaluate new approaches. 

Four IBM software solutions we love

Managing hundreds or even thousands of computers across a network can get complicated quickly. You’ve got software distribution, patches, licensing issues, security threats—it’s easy to see how things can get overwhelming without the right systems management tools.

Five signs it’s time to reevaluate your SAM strategy

Having the right software asset management (SAM) strategy in place for your business can save you time, money, and lots of headaches—especially if you run into an unexpected software audit. But many companies have an outdated SAM strategy—or no SAM strategy at all—which is a risk that can be easily avoided if you take the right steps.

Cloud First Web Apps in Azure

Creating cloud enabled applications has several distinct differences compared to traditional software solutions. ...

A RESTful Interface With a Wide-Open Contract

It wasn't until a couple years later that I started seeing RESTful APIs at client engagements. All of them seemed to follow the standard RESTful API design, making it easy to build client applications against the back-end API services built upon REST.


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