Part Technologists.
Part Problem-Solvers. All In.

At CleanSlate, we live to push the limits of the cloud and help organizations unleash the potential within. We only seek out and hire technologists who have the chops to solve complex technology challenges holding businesses back. If you’re looking for a skilled team to help you genuinely transform and meet the future head-on, we’d like to talk.

We believe that when you combine a vision with the power of technology, the sky’s the limit.

Our Vision

CleanSlate provides a clear pathway for success by combining Strategy, Solutions and Domain Expertise.

Our Mission

CleanSlate exists to make it easy for companies to adopt leading-edge cloud technology solutions that accelerate business outcomes.

Our Values

These values are what makes CleanSlate, CleanSlate. Every quarter employees choose one of their peers, who they believe best exemplifies these values, to receive our Core Values Award.

All Hands Alliance

Work for the WE mindset, celebrate the diversity and distinctiveness of our team’s skills and experiences.

We harness the varied skills and unique talents of all team members to collectively build unstoppable momentum and unimaginable achievement.

Passionate Partners

Passion generates excitement for what we do and how we do it for our team and clients.

We show empathy and listen to solve problems and future proof our clients.

As a result, we exceed expectations and leave the client better than we started.

Inspired Innovators

Learn and be curious. Innovation motivates us to be curious, act, take smart risks, explore new ideas, learn from mistakes and to constantly exceed expectations.

Own It

Be a leader and operate to make the company, clients, colleagues, and ourselves better.

When we see a problem, move to solve it with the best interest of your colleagues and the client.

Take Action

Clients trust us to bring clarity, solve problems and get it done.

Our clients trust us to be the builders and makers that will overcome obstacles, find solutions, and deliver results.

Our People

Around here, no two days are the same. We’re a curious group of technologists, each with their own unique interests and tastes. The one thing we do share in common is our passion for problem-solving, technology, and collaboration.

Our Cloud Expertise

For more than 20 years, we’ve been helping organizations leverage the awesome power of modern technology to accelerate innovation and enable growth. From building and deploying cloud solutions to providing expert IBM and Red Hat services, we’re committed to reshaping the future of business.

Cloud-Native Application Development

For one Midwest-based company that promotes student spirit and achievement through digital design and published media, it was time to turn a clunky, legacy application into a modern one. So, they asked us to help them dream up and create a state-of-the-art application with graphic design and publication capabilities. Learn more about it.

Community Involvement

Much like we strive to leave every business better than how we found it, we also dedicate ourselves to building healthier, stronger, and more inclusive communities.


We love technologists who embrace incredibly complex problems and have the grit and determination to find the solution. Is that you?