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Solve cloud-native application issues instantly with Instana.

Empower Your Applications

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In today’s world, there’s no room for application downtime; that’s where Instana can help. Optimize your operations with full-stack observability and root cause analysis, which identifies problems before they occur, not after. When your apps are equipped with Instana, your operations streamline, giving you and your customers an improved experience.

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In an increasingly data-driven economy, it’s crucial to stay on top of application performance with real-time observability. Take advantage of the newest technologies by adopting observability solutions into your business and stay ahead of the competition.

Opportunity Identification

At CleanSlate, we have a wealth of knowledge on how to improve business practices through technology. That means we’ll implement the services you want, but we’ll also suggest solutions you need. Our team is passionate about solving real challenges with rewarding outcomes — that means we’ll do whatever it takes to accelerate your business potential.

Application Performance Monitoring

At CleanSlate, we can provide multiple services around observability. That includes implementation, configuration, overall performance and optimization services, and more. When you partner with CleanSlate, we ensure that your business is utilizing your applications to their fullest potential. Don’t use just part of what you’re paying for, make the most of every dollar with CleanSlate.

Our Partnership Philosophy

If you choose to integrate Instana into your business, our experts are happy to help. In the future, if you find you also want to modernize and optimize in the cloud, create a SaaS application, or utilize legacy workloads, our team is qualified and excited to implement whatever business solutions you’re looking for. We’re not just your partners for Instana, we can help your business achieve success through observability and beyond.

Demystifying Observability

How can observability improve your business? Listen to our webinar to find out. In this session, we debunk common myths to unlock the true potential of observability within your business.

What to Expect with cleanslate + instana

Installation & Configuration

Our experts are happy to help install and integrate Instana, cloud-native, or legacy applications  into your business. We’ll ensure that you’re set up with a clear path ahead.

Code Level Application Observability

Instana gets to the root cause of the issue, including applications and their systems. By the time you become aware of your application’s issues, Instana has already resolved it.

Continual Maintenance

Along with our installation & configuration services, we also offer performance and optimization services to ensure that you’re continually getting the most out of your applications.

Complexity Made Simple

Instana can understand even the most complex cloud-native and hybrid cloud applications. Plus, get access to every trace from every user with no additional charge.

Crisis Management

Unlike other monitoring services that solve issues after they arise, Instana can predict and detect issues with one-second granularity.

Transparent Pricing

With Instana, pricing is simple and all-inclusive. That means there’s no surprise costs, ever. Plus, you can try a free product demo before purchasing. Contact our experts to learn more.

our areas of focus

Data Modernization + Cloud

Our team will create a modern data architecture using cloud-native services like data lakehouses, NoSQL databases, data pipelines, business analytics, and machine learning. By leveraging these services, you can efficiently process, store, and analyze multi-sources data in near-real-time.

Cloud Architecture

We ensure that our customers are following best practices and recommendations to develop and maintain their cloud solutions. Our team will align our clients’ objectives and business goals with cloud services, designs, patterns, and procedures according to well architected principles.


When you free up your developers, they will ramp up your innovation. We have extensive experience building cloud architecture automation that supercharges DevOps to deliver continuous improvement, shorter development cycles, and faster speed to market.

Modern Application Development

Modernize your business with custom products and cloud-based applications that create a sustainable, resilient future. Separating yourself from the pack starts with competitive differentiation through rapid innovation and better customer experiences.

Cloud-Native SaaS Products

We empower organizations to design and build custom products and cloud-native applications that unlock new ways to innovate. Utilizing a SaaS methodology improves profitability, efficiency, and broadens opportunities, leading to optimal business growth.


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Ready to enable your business with observability? If you have questions, we have answers. We’d love to help you get started with a better future for your business, today.