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ILMT: A Gateway to SAM?

To take advantage of Sub-capacity licensing and its inherent value, IBM customers are required to: 1) Install ...

IoT Easy as Pi

The Internet of Thing (IoT) is rapidly becoming more popular as services, such as home automation and health ...

Learn AI with Einstein

Can AI be useful for business during the Covid-19 pandemic? With an increased urgency to go digital fast, now is ...

CleanSlate and CloudCheckr

CleanSlate Technology Group is a proud partner of CloudCheckr, an advanced cloud management service platform ...

Cloud First Web Apps in Azure

Creating cloud enabled applications has several distinct differences compared to traditional software solutions. ...

Midwest Dreamin’ 2019

“It is up to you how data will be collected and how it will be used. Decisions you make every day have that ...

Welcome to Top Gun

Two of our account executives, Ben Thomas and Brandon Montgomery, recently attended Software and Solutions Top Gun ...

TTFN, TLS 1.0 in Salesforce

Salesforce wants you to be more secure... On July 22, 2017 Salesforce will officially end support for any ...

Interested in free Salesforce training?

Through conversations with many of our Salesforce clients, it’s become obvious that many people don’t know about the availability of free Salesforce training. Let's reiterate that: FREE. SALESFORCE. TRAINING.

What is ILMT—and why do I need it?

The IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT) is a system created by IBM to help businesses measure and monitor software usage. While that might not sound important, it’s a critical tool for just about any company using IBM software in a complex environment.

Salesforce Winter ’17 Release Notes

It's that time of year again, Salesforce certification holders: Get ready to start browsing through those Winter 2017 Release Notes. After taking a look, you can hop on to Web Assessor to take the Release Notes quiz to keep your certification up-to-date.


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4 Steps to Getting Started in the Cloud

So, you’ve decided to move to the cloud. You’re probably now asking yourself, “What next? How do I start?” Well, below, I’ll help you answer those questions with a few steps to get you moving forward. But first, let’s get a few cloud-related considerations out of the...

Gartner Evanta CIO Event 2021

Delivering Digital Innovation for Delta Faucet CompanyOn June 24, CleanSlate partnered with Delta Faucet Company to present a keynote at the virtual Gartner Evanta CIO event to a select audience of C-level executives in IT.  The title of the presentation was...

CleanSlate attains the Amazon DynamoDB SDP Designation

[Carmel, Indiana - June 8, 2021]:  CleanSlate Technology Group today announced that they have attained the Amazon DynamoDB Service Delivery Program (SDP), an integral part of the AWS Serverless Computing Services. "We're very excited to have received the DynamoDB SDP...

How to Recognize a Monolithic Application

Monolith. The ominous name signifies something big, unmovable, and difficult to deal with. And that’s exactly what a monolithic application is. At least in the long run.A mountain. An iceberg. Something you can’t really change, move, and constantly must work around....