Cloud Architecture

Put Purpose and Power to Work

A well-architected cloud infrastructure is essential to keeping your organization relevant in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace. CleanSlate architects and engineers are experts at building high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructure for applications. Go beyond a mere lift and shift to accelerate your digital transformation.

Why CleanSlate?

Beyond our cloud expertise, we believe in and follow a few foundational principles that ensure success for our clients.

We Listen, Then Solve

As expert guides, we get to the root of a client’s operational challenges and business needs before we act. Only then can we solve for long-term success.

Unparalleled Problem Solvers

We look for and hire technologists who live to solve the big technology challenges facing organizations.

We Future-Proof Businesses

The business world is only getting more competitive. That’s why we focus on positioning our clients for future success with resilient, adaptable, and innovative platforms and products.

We Bring Clarity to Ambiguity

We enable clients to act with confidence by eliminating the confusion they can experience when wading into the emerging, multifaceted world of cloud computing and IT technology.

Cloud Architecture Services Include


Security Architecture

Cloud Services (DB, IAM)

Container Orchestration

Caching, Search, Content Management

Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

Cloud Architecture Services Include

Cloud Expertise

At CleanSlate, we excel at building modern products and applications that unlock the potential within our clients. From cloud-native application development to DevOps, architecture, and more, we can help you lay the groundwork for a sustainable, resilient future.

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Benefits of Cloud Architecture


Leverage cloud solutions to iterate faster, produce new business value, and launch products that delight your customers.

Time to Market

With continuous improvement, shorter development cycles, and automated testing, your products are ready for the market faster.

Enabler of Growth

Smart cloud architecture enables scale and growth without a “redo.”

Competitive Advantage

Launch and update products faster with a high-performing, scalable infrastructure built to delight your customers.

Business Scalability

Focus on business growth while your cloud-native applications automatically scale with you.

Increased Agility

Leave behind legacy software and on-premise servers to give your developers greater agility to quickly build new ideas and experiment.


Track, analyze, and optimize your cloud usage, services, and pricing options to get the most from your cloud spend.


We ensure that you’re future-ready as well as audit-ready with applications that adhere to the most rigorous security and compliance standards.

Success Stories

Cloud Cost Optimization

North American provider of outsourced technology services including Call Center, Help Desk, Field Support and other related public and private sector services.

Enabling your remote workforce with Amazon WorkSpaces

The client is a global provider of workforce training programs and solutions to help people achieve success in their academic, personal, and work lives. The client has successfully delivered training in 160 countries with training content supporting over 50 languages.

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