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As a full-service technology consultancy, CleanSlate helps companies adopt cloud solutions and modernize legacy systems to accelerate innovation. From cloud-native application development to DevOps, architecture, and more, we build and deploy advanced solutions that deliver greater agility, faster speed to innovation, and more resiliency to handle whatever the future brings. We believe that when you combine the power of technology with brilliant ideas, the sky’s the limit.

Who We Are

Creative technologists. Passionate problem-solvers. Consultative partners. We’re all these things and then some. We love nothing more than solving an organization’s most complex technology challenges and helping them transform into modern, future-proof market leaders.

What We Do

Cloud Consulting

Maybe you’re already in the cloud, but not sure if your business is getting the most out of it. Or, you realize it’s time to modernize but have no idea of where or how to begin. Our experienced cloud experts can help you chart the right path.

Application Development

The rapid pace of digital transformation in the marketplace leaves little room for hesitation. We design and build custom products and cloud-based applications that modernize businesses for sustainable, resilient futures.


When you free up your developers, they will ramp up your innovation. We can help you turn your DevOps into an automated beast that shortens the development cycle and enables continuous improvement for a faster speed to market.

Cloud Architecture

If you don’t design and build your cloud architecture right from the start, you’ll never reach the finish line. A modern cloud-based architecture from CleanSlate will provide your organization with the scalability and flexibility you need to thrive in the digital future.

How To Get Started

Well-Architected Review

Well-Architected Reviews analyzes concepts, design principles, and architectural best practices for designing and running workloads in the cloud. Our experts will assess how well your architecture aligns with cloud best practices and gain guidance for making improvements.

Migration Acceleration Assessment

The Migration Readiness Assessment identifies gaps along six dimensions of the Cloud Adoption Framework – Business, Process, People, Platform, Operations, and Security. This will determine capabilities required and build a total cost of ownership model for your migration project.

SaaS & Application Discovery

A SaaS & Application Discovery engagement will accelerate a customer’s SaaS and Application Modernization journey. Through a collaborative engagement, our experts will assess overall business capabilities and develop a directional architecture to begin an application build out.

Cloud Expert Staffing & Advisory

Our team of cloud experts integrate with customers teams to provide advisory and implementation services across Cloud Architecture, DevOps, and Application Development.

IBM Consulting

CleanSlate is an IBM Platinum Business Partner with more than 20 years of experiencing helping clients navigate the complexities of IBM software licensing.


We are experts at navigating clients through all the complexities of IBM licensing of products to help them maximize the value of their contracts and reveal new opportunities for cost savings.


We’ll assess your current SAM practices, then implement a strong SAM program with the proper processes, policies, and procedures needed to establish your Effective License Position (ELP) and ensure that you do not deviate from it.


If your ILMT isn’t properly configured and deployed, you might not be audit-ready if IBM comes calling. We have decades of experience helping clients reduce their risk of an audit and only pay for the licenses used.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Customers expect more and more control over their things these days. To give it to them, you’ll need a secure IoT platform. At CleanSlate, we’re experts at architecting software solutions that easily connect devices and systems and gather data to help you build better products and delight your customers.

Immersion Day

A day-long, in-person workshop hosted by our AWS Solutions Architects to help clients discover the areas and benefits of Amazon Web Services (AWS). By the end of the day, technical experts will know how to best leverage the AWS platform to unlock business potential and meet key objectives.

AWS Immersion Day workshops are available in many solution areas, such as database migration, containers, artificial intelligence, edge services, and more.

Let’s Talk

Discover the full potential of the cloud and what it can do for your organization.