Two of our account executives, Ben Thomas and Brandon Montgomery, recently attended Software and Solutions Top Gun training from IBM. The course is nearly five full days of intense IBM software sales training covering lots of different topics, including sales strategies, adding business value, and IBM software portfolio capabilities.

The goal of Software and Solutions Top Gun is to train students to identify “as-a-service” sales opportunities while helping them create clear Cognitive Business solutions for their clients. It’s a pass/fail course where students take daily tests and work on graded exercises—and we’re happy to report that both Ben and Brandon passed the course with flying colors.

“We learned so much about IBM software and cloud technology—how it’s decreasing costs for businesses and making them more efficient every day,” said Ben. “But I think the biggest takeaway was learning to look at sales as a solution for clients. We help companies grow and improve through innovation, and it’s important to remember that throughout the sales process.”

At CleanSlate, we always strive to make sure our team has the latest and greatest information about everything that’s happening with the IBM software portfolio. That’s why professional development courses like Software and Solutions Top Gun are can’t-miss opportunities for us—and we’re excited that two of our team members were able to attend.

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