The world of IoT is complicated, and it has many aspects of leveraging AWS technologies. CleanSlate Technology Group has experience in building and deploying complicated systems and programs and consistently leverages strong DevOps to ensure a high level of consistency and quality.

Building QA checks and balances into the development process are critical in delivering at a higher feature rate and the quality level the customer expects. Building quality and code control into your DevOps processes are critical for any application. Being able to coordinate the development of many different cloud infrastructures, applications, and devices at a high level of predictability and quality helps create the customer experience companies are seeking. Modern and hardened DevOps processes and procedures make this experience possible.

Cloud Engineer, Jason Karrel, explains how he leverages AWS, DevOps, Voice Skill, and application expertise to help clients deliver better automation and quality feature development with sound DevOps practices and automation through Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and CI/CD pipeline to ensure more quality feature development.

Listen to Jason as he talks about his experiences on this episode of Builders & Makers: