Achieve Data Modernization with Databricks

Our data team is eager to take your business to the next level with Databricks.

Let Data and Analytics Drive Innovation

Improve data management with Databricks. As a cloud-based engineering and machine learning platform, Databricks is a cloud-agnostic solution that simplifies your data architecture. Say goodbye to siloed data, then transform your business with unified analytics, data science, and AI.

Optimize Databricks
Solutions with CleanSlate

At CleanSlate, we integrate our expertise in data architecture and the complete data lifecycle with Databricks innovative technology, ensuring data reliability, improved performance, and cost optimization.

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Unleash Your Data.

Transform Your Business.

By releasing siloed data, Databricks provides a multitude of benefits for your business, including increased revenue, profitability, scalability, and efficiency.



CleanSlate solutions can aid in monetizing applications, accelerating time to market, and discovering new opportunities within your business.



With CleanSlate, your business will experience reduced operational costs, find new economies of scale, and require less support time.



When you put your data to use, your business can enter new markets, accelerate innovation, and attract new clients.



Enjoy improved operations, aligned costs to business value, improved automation, and greater visibility with data that works for you.

Data Strategy and Delivery

With decades of experience, our experts are ready to accelerate your business with the power of data and analytics.

Strategy & Roadmapping

Your data is only as good as its strategy. To better understand the potential of your data, it’s imperative to have a strategy that works in alignment with your business goals. After our experts develop the right strategy to leverage your exact business goals, we’ll develop a roadmap and business plan for execution.

Proof of Concepts

Our workshops and proof of concepts can help your business move forward with rapid execution. From use case development to technical design, these services will help you with quick execution strategies.

Technical Assessment

Our technical assessment will give you a broad review of your current state and a strategic roadmap detailing your best path forward.

Data-as-a-Service (DaaS)

Data as a Service (DaaS) is a rapidly emerging cloud service that provides data services via Software as a Service (SaaS) model. DaaS offers strategic solutions for organizing data, making it readily available to support new and existing initiatives.


Unlock the power of data with Analytics as a Service (AaaS), a game-changing solution that revolutionizes the way businesses harness insights. Break the typical pattern of offline machine learning by training and testing models on new data as it arrives in the data lake. Deploy adjusted models to perform real-time predictions and classifications through prediction APIs.

Data Governance

Data Governance is more than meeting regulations—it’s about elevating your data as a strategic asset. By establishing clear ownership, accountability, and guidelines for data management, you can eliminate data silos, inconsistencies, and redundancies that hinder productivity.

Complete Your Cloud Journey

We do more than data. Our consultants and technology experts are here to help your business thrive. Explore our other services and offerings below.

SaaS Application Development

We pride ourselves in our proven track record of designing and building successful, modern cloud-native solutions that advance business strategy and deliver meaningful experiences for you and your end users.

Modern Application Development

As technical experts, we seamlessly move organizations away from legacy, monolithic systems, and help them accelerate innovation, create products that matter, and realize business value.