Cloud Consulting

Cloud-First, Client-Focused Solutions

There are many complexities to consider before building cloud-native applications or moving a legacy system to the cloud. The solutions should support your business strategy. That’s why we take the time to understand your goals. Then, we provide the best options to ensure a positive outcome. At CleanSlate, we strive everyday to leave an organization better than how we found them.

Why CleanSlate?

Beyond our cloud expertise, we believe in and follow a few foundational principles that ensure success for our clients.

We Listen, Then Solve

As expert guides, we get to the root of a client’s operational challenges and business needs before we act. Only then can we solve for long-term success.

We Bring Clarity to Ambiguity

We enable clients to act with confidence by eliminating the confusion they can experience when wading into the emerging, multifaceted world of cloud computing and IT technology.

We Future-Proof Businesses

The business world is only getting more competitive. That’s why we focus on positioning our clients for future success with resilient, adaptable, and innovative platforms and products.

We're Unparalleled Problem Solvers

We look for and hire technologists who live to solve the big technology challenges facing organizations.

Cloud Assessment Services


A high-level assessment of your key areas of focus within your cloud infrastructure relating to cost, configuration, and/or security. After an in-depth review of the results, we provide an implementation plan to maximize the health and security of your cloud environment.


A broad review of your company’s cloud-related technologies and recommendations for improvement. We are experts at assessing cloud infrastructure and configuration and then building solutions using cloud-based best practices for AWS and Azure.

Strategic Roadmap

Whether you’re already in the cloud or aspire to be, a roadmap is essential to getting the most out of it. After deep research and discovery of current assets, we create a strategic roadmap that includes an implementation plan for clients in the cloud or those moving to it.

Our Expertise

At CleanSlate, we excel at building modern products and applications that unlock the potential within our clients. From cloud-native application development to DevOps, architecture, and more, we can help you lay the groundwork for a sustainable, resilient future.

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Benefits of Cloud Consulting

Optimize Costs

Keep cloud spend under control by leveraging tools to reduce costs during development cycles and identify applications overusing resources.

A Resilient Future

Build the future you want with cloud application architecture that transforms your business into a market leader.

Scalability & Flexibility

Scale when you need to and pivot when you must with a cloud architecture tailored to your strategic business goals.

Faster Speed to Market

Ramp up your innovation with an automated DevOps beast that leads to shorter development cycles and continuous improvement.

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