Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb recently recognized CleanSlate as one of Indiana’s fastest growing technology companies, and a key player in helping to expand our state’s economy through new job creation.

The recognition came as Governor Holcomb unveiled his 2018 Next Level Agenda, a plan that emphasizes the role of high-demand, high-wage sectors like technology in strengthening Indiana’s economy. Having recently announced plans to add up to 50 employees within the next three years, CleanSlate is positioning itself to bring more jobs—and prosperity—to our state.

“With 29,000 new jobs announced this year and one million expected over the next decade, we must act now to ensure Hoosiers have the skills they need to secure good jobs and succeed in our growing economy,” said Governor Holcomb.

To advance Governor Holcomb’s Next Level Agenda, CleanSlate will help attract the industry’s best talent to Indiana to take on the challenges of the evolving tech landscape. It’s why we’re expanding our IBM sales team and consulting practice, as well as doubling down on services such as cloud technology, security, and mobile development.

“Our company is growing and expanding our services, and we’re happy to be doing it right here in Indiana,” said John Loveys, CEO of CleanSlate. “I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished so far in 2017, and we’re excited to continue our momentum into 2018 and beyond.”

We’re lucky to live in a state that supports growing technology companies like ours. And we’re happy we can give more IT professionals great employment opportunities with our planned expansion. If you have any questions about our plans for the future—or about our expanding services—we’d love to talk.