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What is a Cloud Assessment?

Whether it’s time to migrate an application to the cloud or assess your current infrastructure and configuration, a cloud assessment will give you a broad review of your current state and recommendations for improvement. Using our proprietary Cloud Operations Framework, a CleanSlate team of experts will provide you with a strategic roadmap detailing your best path forward.

When is an Assessment Right for You?

Migrating an Application

Migrating an application or on-premise solution can be complicated. From choosing the right cloud service model to moving your data and applications to a new environment, there’s a ton to consider. An assessment of your current state will help you determine risks, uncover obstacles, and chart the best path forward.

Strategic Direction

Is your technology supporting or impeding your strategic business goals? We can help you determine if the two are aligned with an evaluation. After a thorough assessment, we’ll provide you with recommendations detailing how to improve your current state so your strategic goals are achievable.

Environment Deep Dive

Did you inherit a cloud-based platform or build one and now have doubts about its efficacy. Our experts can help you find the answers you need with a deep dive into your environment and assets. We’ll then provide a strategic roadmap with recommendations for improvements to point you in the right direction.

Our Process

We have a three-step systematic approach to assess and plan your journey to the cloud. Starting with a capabilities-based roadmap, we will engineer an enterprise view that includes cloud architecture and scalability.

Initiation & Kickoff

Produces the work plan for the assessment, organizes the project team, and launches the assessment

Cloud Discovery

Completed using a software analytics tools to identify resources and cloud environment characteristics

Cloud Foundation Analysis

Completed through discovery sessions with our Architects to capture information from subject matter experts

Assessment Outcomes

Current State Analysis

A detailed review of your company’s cloud subscription, topology, network architecture, cloud services, cost analysis, and cloud operations evaluation.

Finding Analysis

Analysis of current state based on cloud best practices across multiple domains, including cloud architecture, security and compliance, DevOps, monitoring and ops, backup and recovery, cost management, migration, and application services.

Remediation Recommendations

A customized action plan for tackling any issues discovered within the current state analysis and findings analysis.

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