The IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT) is a system created by IBM to help businesses measure and monitor software usage. While that might not sound important, it’s a critical tool for just about any company using IBM software in a complex environment. Here’s why:

It keeps you compliant. This is probably the biggest reason why you should be concerned about ILMT. IBM has strict software licensing requirements and they audit customers on a regular basis. Proper use of ILMT will ensure that you are using your software correctly without risk of being in violation of your contract with IBM.

It can save you money. Violations to your software licensing agreement can get expensive. But using ILMT can save you money in other ways, too: For example, if you’re using software in partitioned and virtual environments, your software is probably not deployed at full capacity. If that’s the case, IBM will offer you a discount based on the data obtained from ILMT.

It turns information into insight. ILMT provides a clear picture of exactly how you’re using IBM software, and that can give you important insight into how to optimize your business. By knowing exactly what software you’re using and how often you use it, you’ll be able to make sure you’re paying only for the software you need, and you can get better deals on software through product bundling. Plus, you won’t waste time or resources learning software that’s either superfluous or outdated.

It gives you peace of mind. Companies using ILMT correctly have nothing to worry about when it comes to software compliance—something IBM takes very seriously. It’s always better for your bottom line to know exactly what you’re dealing with up front so there are no surprises down the road.

If we’ve learned anything over our 15+ years as one of the world’s leading IBM software resellers, it’s that taking the time to use ILMT the right way is always worth it. If you need assistance setting up ILMT for your business, give us a shout. We’re one of the most experienced companies you’ll find anywhere when it comes to IBM software compliance and ILMT integration—and we’d love to put our expertise to work for you.

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