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Software asset management roadmap

State agency that provides technology services to other state agencies. They are responsible for IT strategic direction, IT policy and delivering centralized IT products and services within the state.


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SAM roadmap


The client was trying to standardize their processes and controls to improve the maturity of their software asset management program to service all state agencies. They had multiple software vendors and a hefty budget spread across multiple state agencies, but did not have the people, processes or tools to proactively manage assets through their life-cycle.

They also did not have any way of readily accessing data to understand their current license position for vendors leaving them “exposed to potential compliance and financial risks."


• Performed an extensive analysis of the current state of their business using the ISO/IEC 19770 framework and IAITAM Best Practice Library • Collected data from various IT groups such as security, IT contracts, infrastructure and enterprise apps • Identified their gaps and risks • Created a roadmap to improve the maturity of their ITAM practice to address those gaps and risks.

Results & Additional Info

Provided recommendations and a roadmap to address identified risks and improve maturity of SAM Practices. The roadmap allows them to move towards a more dynamic approach to optimize resources, through the implementation of SAM governance, processes and standards. By implementing the recommendations the client could conservatively estimate a 10% savings in their IT spend!

Each agency and department functioned in a siloed fashion, driving inefficiency in operations, budgeting and overall technological innovation. They also did not have any way of readily accessing data to understand their current license position for vendors leaving them exposed to potential compliance and financial risks.

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