Cloud-Native SaaS to Accelerate Digital Native Scalability

See how our experts delivered a transformative solution for a digital native company using SaaS.

This Digital Native business came to CleanSlate with a particular set of challenges. In wanting to create an innovative solution to solve challenges with medical deliveries, the client wanted a solution that would be long-lasting, efficient, and profitable. The ideal end-product would be born in the cloud, and include a SaaS model to handle onboarding and scalability.

With the help of CleanSlate, they could provide a seamless, high-tech solution to provide optimized efficiency and improved customer experiences—saving stress from countless surgeries across the country.


This client built their company around a delivery service, which created a lot of variables for the arrival of each product. Nearly every step of the delivery process was manual, with low tracking, accountability and visibility into which deliveries were successful. This process prevented any scalability, and left a lot to be desired when measuring efficiency. This resulted in lots of money wasted when deliveries were unsuccessful, at the fault of manual, inefficient processes.


After a thorough assessment process, CleanSlate gained detailed understanding of the business processes and goals.  Our experts then built a cloud native SaaS solution to leverage mobile technology and streamline accountability into the existing process. The ability to onboard new manufacturers became easier to scale. And, the separation of data and security was improved to ensure compliance with hospital compliance.

With a SaaS application with multi-tenancy capabilities, we provided a solution with greater scalability and improved efficiency—which leads to greater profitability overall.



Greater Visibility


Profitability, Scalability, and Efficiency


Data Allows for Long-Term Predictability

CleanSlate developed an innovative solution for the client that allowed them to innovate and modernize their business. The SaaS based solution improved management and leveraged the technology that already existed within their company. As a result, they received a highly successful multi-tenant application that is built to scale and provide continual value to the manufacturer representatives, surgeons, and surgical centers.

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