Reducing Risk and Optimizing Efficiency in Investment Management

When working with a globally recognized investment management company, our experts provided top-of-the-line security and risk management within a modernized cloud architecture.

With a long history of providing security, integration, and developer tools through IBM, CleanSlate became a natural extension of this globally recognized investment management company. Our team provided cloud architecture services for the cloud platform and assisted in procuring IBM software through the AWS Marketplace.

The client began moving to a cloud first mentality, leveraging IBM software to manage risk and security. With a cloud first approach, CleanSlate was able to help the Enterprise Architecture team build a secure and efficient cloud platform with best-in-class practices and blueprints for their organization to leverage as applications transitioned to the cloud.


There are a handful of common challenges to consider before migrating to the cloud. Maintaining data security and privacy, upkeep of performance during migration, trusting the reliability and availability of systems, utilizing the right time and resources, all while following a long-term strategy to ensure optimal performance.

To ensure a seamless migration, our experts joined the clients enterprise architecture team to provide guidance on best practices for a future platform. To prepare for the migration, our team provided blueprints and infrastructure as a code to handle varying scenarios and patterns.

Building an architecture that provides operational excellence, security, reliability, performance, cost optimization, and sustainability broadens the migration landscape to move out of data centers, which allows the client to follow enterprise architecture patterns.

When implementing a solution focused on risk management—something especially significant in financing industries—a lot of internal stress can occur. With years of experience in the IBM and AWS space and an integrated discovery process at the beginning of the work, our team was able to deliver the solutions in a seamless, timely manner.


Optimized Security

With CloudPak for Security, the financial firm has much less to worry about regarding risk management and overall security. By adopting a zero-trust mindset, this firm is set up for success long-term.



Data Security




Risk Management

The Results

With upgraded security and risk management, the client is able to build stronger relationships with their business partners. And our team was able to work within a tight timeline to deliver the right solutions at the right time.

Now, this globally recognized financial partner can move their business forward with uncompromised data integrity, optimized security, and increased efficiency—leading to an increase in overall profitability.

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