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Mulesoft deployment for digital transformation

A diversified automotive company with several unique business units. These units focus on vehicle distribution and processing, finance and insurance, and retail vehicle sales.


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MuleSoft CloudHub


The client had previously leveraged legacy technologies to enable business, including the use of a mainframe and outdated database solutions. There were no existing integrations exposed other than data exchanges through antiquated file transfer processing. The client needed to execute a large, digital transformation initiative, with a refreshed technology stack to provide API-led, cloud-based solutions for internal and external trading partners.

“The deployment of MuleSoft CloudHub and the development of common, reusable services has enabled real-time messaging and provided valuable insights to our clients in seconds rather than hours.”


• Implemented CloudHub, making the solution fully cloud enabled while exposing a common API Gateway for trading partners.
• Defined and implemented a series of reusable patterns, which enabled re-use and fast-tracking future development efforts.
• Leveraged MuleSoft as the common ESB to continuously move/migrate Data from the older system(s) to the new system(s).
• Enabled CI/CD processes and continuous development/continuous integration.

Results & Additional Info

The client was able to eliminate paying ongoing support costs for legacy technologies. MuleSoft has allowed for an easy migration of data from old systems to new systems. Real-time access of data has allowed for the rapid creation of new contracts with 3rd parties, allowing for faster sales and improved client experiences. Common patterns have allowed for fast development and deployment of critical integrations. This has resulted in expanded service offerings and faster processing of business transactions

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