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Founded in 2012, our client is a leading provider of enforcement, asset tracking and business process automation software to modern governments and operations. Municipalities, universities, operators, healthcare campuses, and transportation hubs can now leverage the combined technology solutions of their parent company since joining forces with the team in 2020.


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Our client was acquired by a larger parent company in the fall of 2020 to enhance its customer portfolio and solution for small to mid-sized municipalities. A detailed assessment of the underlying technologies was needed to quickly align our client’s solutions with their parent company’s technologies and ensure continued success in supporting its customers.

The client’s VP of IT said, upon seeing the Cloud Health Check deliverable containing details of six projects, “This is exactly what I needed to see. You guys ‘knocked it out of the park’ and I am very pleased with what I see here.”


CleanSlate deployed a team of our cloud experts to conduct a thorough 6-week review of the client’s environment and compared the findings to our proprietary Cloud Operations Framework of standards and best practices. CleanSlate conducted a Cloud Health Check of the Azure tenants that were hosting our client’s software. CleanSlate used CloudCheckr, a top cloud cost management platform, and its own proprietary tools to collect data pertaining to the architecture and health of the Azure environments. This data was then compared to benchmarks and industry best practices to provide a detailed report of the overall health of the environments and recommendations for improvements related to performance and security.

Results & Additional Info

The client’s environments contained no critical issues. The findings and recommendations report included over one hundred twenty five (125) High, Medium, and Low improvement items for review, prioritized related to cost, security, and operational efficiency.

There was a total of 33 high value improvements covering, cloud architecture, security, monitoring and operations, backup and recovery, cost management, upgrades and performance that could be addressed initially to improve the client’s environments. Quantitative Results Once Implemented: 1. It is estimated that the client will realize a cost savings of 30-35% as a result of implementing the cost management recommendations. 2. The client will significantly reduce security vulnerabilities. 3. The client will improve internal operations saving time and additional money.

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