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Our client had several different application platforms deployed to AWS, but month over month cost increases were unable to be explained or predicted. Overtime, unexpected cost increases led to budget overruns and began impacting other budgeted projects. Cloud costs had risen 35% since the previous quarter without additional workloads being introduced to the current cloud footprint.

“CleanSlate assisted us in a review/audit of our AWS footprint and put together a remediation plan and roadmap to help reduce our TCO and improve our efficiency on AWS utilization. They provided a high quality, professional service that has already paid dividends based on our savings in AWS.”


CleanSlate was engaged to conduct a Cloud HealthCheck cost assessment to determine the root cause of the growing subscription costs. The assessment included the following activities:
• Performed an overall cloud assessment to analyze deployed resources and cloud configuration.
• Implemented both native and proprietary analysis tools to perform cost analysis and pinpoint configuration issues.

Results & Additional Info

CleanSlate successfully completed the project with the following outcomes:
• A Cloud Optimization Roadmap was delivered to provide a clear implementation plan for the remediation efforts determined in the assessment findings.
• Provided multiple recommendations to achieve cost reduction. The initial implementation represented a 41% reduction in costs, with a secondary phase targeted to reduce the subscription costs by another 21%, providing an overall cost reduction of 62%.

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