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Lift and shift to Amazon Lightsail

The client is a large wireless retailer that sells phones, tablets, home internet and cable services. They have locations throughout the United States.







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Our client was experiencing performance and reliability issues with two of their main websites. They wanted to migrate the sites to a platform that would improve the performance, security and reliability, but did not want to have to redo each site. With one of their sites either crashing or long load speeds, a new solution was needed.

"Your team has done well for us; we really appreciate it. We are happy, very happy and we appreciate the goodwill gestures along the way."


• Discovery and analysis of the client’s current cloud environment was conducted so an action plan could be implemented.
• Working with the client, CleanSlate led the architecture, design and migration of the sites to a new AWS environment.
• A hybrid approach was taken; as one site needed to be migrated and the other needed optimization.
• CleanSlate’s Cloud Consultants collaborated with the client’s DevOps team to complete the design, implementation, and testing. This approach ensured the knowledge transfer of the new solution.

Results & Additional Info

The client now has two sites that have been migrated into the AWS environment providing much better performance and reliability. Website performance has gone from minutes to seconds to load the homepage. Now that the new environment that been created, the client has the ability lift and shift the remaining websites with ease.

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