You may ask yourself why would I want to build my application in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model? Isn’t that overkill? Can’t I build it the way I always have? After all, it’s just an application, right?

Whether you have a new idea or want to modernize and expand your existing application, there are many reasons you may want to build it as a SaaS application.

Is your application going to need to reach beyond one language or geography?

Will it need to adapt to different industries and regulations?

Can you quickly position your product in new markets?

So, Why Build a SaaS Application?

1) SaaS Applications Drive New and Existing Segment Growth

How often do I need to fix an issue or roll out changes? Does my customer need flexibility in a safe, secure space of their own? Do I need the ability to manage a large, diverse set of customers?


2) SaaS Applications Enable Agility for Provider & Customer

Do I want to focus on releasing value to my customers?

Do my customers want to avoid paying for features they don’t want? 

3) SaaS Applications Deliver a Value-Based Product

How about being able to innovate your application faster? Will your application undergo constant updates? Are you hearing complaints about how long it takes to roll out simple features? How about rolling changes out to thousands of customers in a predictable way – can you do that? 

4) SaaS Applications Drive the Pace of Innovation at Scale

Do you want to control the cost of your application as it scales across the globe, into new markets, to thousands & thousands of users? How about bolting on more and more interfaces? Do you want to pay less to service your customers and provide more functionality as you expand? 

5) SaaS Applications Reduce Your Service Costs as your Business Scales

Do your customers want to avoid having to manage the IT environment, network, interfaces, and patches to keep your application up to date in their environment? 

6) SaaS Applications Offers Customers Reduced IT Management

Do your customers want to start using your system NOW? Do you customers not want to have to buy the product, install it, or figure out how to keep it running? Do they just want to subscribe and go? 

7) SaaS Applications Greatly Reduce the Time It Takes Customers to get Productive and Realize the Value from Your Software

Would your customers like to be able to switch your product in a lower cost way?

Yep! No data center to stand up, software to install, and less security to figure out on SaaS applications – they lower your customers’ switching costs.

How about offering customers the ability to pay for only the part of your product they want with the ability to add on more features later? Spend as they go? 

8) SaaS Applications Let Them Pay for What They Use

Our team has helped customers build their software business from the ground up as a SaaS model or revamp their existing offering into a SaaS model.


It’s time for you to leverage the next-level advantages of the cloud to build and deploy resilient applications at scale. Seperating yourself from the pack starts with competitive differentiation through rapid innovation.