A migration assessment is a specific engagement with defined variables and activities that provide a 360-degree view of your organization’s readiness to migrate according to the following:

• Your Business
• Your Future Platform
• Your People
• What Governance is Needed?
• How Will You Operate It?
• Security
• Scope of Migration

The journey walks you through a standardized process, customized for your needs, that focuses on what makes migration projects successful. Our team uses tooled analysis, workshops, and interviews to get an accurate picture of your environment – removing the guesswork.

We then drill down into your business, platform, people, governance, operations, and security needs by having focused workshops with the proper stakeholders. We compare the information we collect from our tooled inventory and discussions with best practices, score your readiness relative to the “Cloud Adoption Framework,” identify gaps, and recommend actions that will close those gaps. 

From there, we complete the readiness assessment and business case review. We present these findings to your team, at both an executive level and a detailed level. We provide exhaustive recommendations, gap analysis, and actions. In addition, we will provide a strategy and quantify the effort and approach needed to be successful in the next phase, “Mobilize.”

Our team works with cloud vendors that will engage funding programs to support your initiative. That means that you have CleanSlate AND your cloud vendor behind you – bringing our collective experience and resources to bear.

It’s dangerous to go alone! Get started with your migration assessment today.

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It’s dangerous to go alone. Let our team of experts help you to understand where you are on your cloud journey & get started with your migration assessment today.