The quote in the title above is attributed to founding father Benjamin Franklin; however, there’s speculation about the authenticity of whether Ole Ben actually said it. What isn’t up for debate is the validity of the quote itself. It’s absolutely true.

Especially when it comes to your business, to thrive in today’s highly competitive and ever-evolving landscape, you need planning and analysis solutions that empower better-informed decision-making and can future-proof your investments. 

A recent Gartner study stated, “by extending financial planning and analysis (FP&A) and other planning applications beyond their home-domain users to other key business stakeholders, and extended planning and analysis (xP&A) approach can offer decision-makers a holistic view of their planning processes, results, and progress toward fulfilling a strategy and meeting an organization’s goals.”

In most companies, this isn’t happening.

If you’re relying on error-prone spreadsheets and manual processes for planning, you’re fighting an uphill battle. With every department in your organization producing a growing amount of data, legacy planning tools can’t keep up with today’s dynamic market demands.

Do any of these ring a bell?

  • Manually exporting data to other tools
  • Creating forecasts and models without a data scientist
  • Navigating forecasting and budgeting with differentiated personnel
  • Struggling to keep up with evolving market conditions and customer demands

If so, then you’re just planning blindly – which is no plan at all. 

Plan Better with IBM

Planning processes must be continuous, with simple mechanisms for consistency and collaboration across your enterprise. At the same time, they need to be simple and intuitive while incorporating AI to provide both predictive insights and prescriptive guidance to business leaders.

IBM Planning Analytics is an AI-infused, continuous, integrated planning solution that enables you to transcend the limits of manual planning.

  • Unify and streamline planning, budgeting, and forecasting across every part of your organization 
  • Deliver faster, more agile plans that can pivot in real-time to address changing market demands
  • Automate key processes, augment human intelligence, and utilize predictive capabilities to create more accurate, consistent, and timely forecasts
  • Uncover deep insights, with built-in data analytics, without having to export data to other tools manually

CleanSlate Goes Beyond with Technology

Your planning journey doesn’t stop with your IBM Planning Analytics implementation. CleanSlate helps you beyond the technology phase of your planning journey into the business side. By designing and implementing solutions that integrate your vital financial and management functions, we enable you to make data-driven critical decisions that matter.

As an IBM Platinum Business Partner with decades of real-world experience, we’ve helped customers just like you achieve your business goals with:


  • Roadmaps, architecture, and implementation
  • Application health check and performance tuning
  • Software licensing and renewals
  • Training, education, and mentoring