How do you feel when you spot a $20 bill lying there on the street, begging for you to pick it up? Pretty good, huh?

What if it were $100 or $1,000? Punching in the air, jumping for joy, and a hearty “Oh yea!” are all appropriate responses.

The IBM License Metrix Tool (ILMT) makes it easy for you to take control of your assets so you optimize your IBM technology licensing spend. It’s like found money, only more lucrative and predictable.

Only Pay For What You Use

The IBM License Metric Tool is a free and invaluable software asset management solution that helps you track, measure, monitor, and manage your IBM software estate. With ILMT, you can maintain an up-to-date inventory of your IBM software assets, gather information about your hardware, and ensure the license compliance of your organization.  You can also monitor your IBM products under full and sub-capacity (virtualization) licensing terms to understand their consumption and optimize your license costs.

Though IBM recommends using ILMT for full-capacity PVU environments, it requires ILMT for sub-capacity environments. This requirement works in your favor because you only have to license and pay software license fees for an IBM product on a portion of your servers. If that’s the case, IBM offers a discount based on the data obtained from ILMT, which could add up to substantial savings.

Expertise Required

Sounds great, right?

There’s one hurdle – the IBM License Metric Tool must be deployed and used correctly. Which is more challenging than you think.

You must:

  • Fully understand the terms and conditions of your IBM software licenses
  • Install it on every machine where IBM software has been deployed to count as full-capacity
  • Consistently manage the tool to make sure the data being reported is accurate and up-to-date
  • Run reports quarterly and hold reports for two years in preparation of an audit

The Only IBM Partner You’ll Ever Need

As an IBM Platinum Partner with more than 20 years of experience empowering our customers’ success, the CleanSlate team are experts at all things IBM, especially ILMT. We’ve developed a proven ILMT and ITAM (IT Asset Management) framework that gives you greater control over your assets so you can identify and reduce risks and costs. 

Our team can help you:
  • Demystify your licensing requirements
  • Provide performance tuning and optimization
  • Determine if you’re under or over deployed
  • Identify any unused or recoverable software instances
  • Ensure your business is compliant and audit-ready
  • Maximize the value of your IBM software

CleanSlate provides everything you need, including installation and configuration, bundling, reporting services, and expert-managed services.

So, why wait to take control of your assets? CleanSlate can help you start today and reap the rewards of a more profitable future.