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Have greater peace of mind knowing your business can withstand an audit with the help of IBM’s Licensing Metric Tool (ILMT).

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to handle an audit?

For most IBM customers, proper licensing is required. That’s why we encourage all businesses to avoid disruptive audits through ILMT services. Our team will assess your usage and adjust your licenses accordingly, helping you find confidence in your strategy. Plus, we’ll ensure your business is audit-ready. That means that when an audit occurs, recovery can happen within weeks, not years, and business can proceed as usual.

Your Platinum Business Partner

As an IBM Platinum Business Partner, we’re experts at helping clients navigate the complexities of IBM software licensing. For more
than 20 years, we’ve partnered with organizations to get the most possible out of contract negotiations, ensure license compliance,
and protection from costly audits. Partner with our team of proven experts to optimize your license and identify gaps in your usage.

Our Expertise & Service Offerings

ILMT Baseline with BigFix Installation

After installation and configuration of BigFix and ILMT, we’ll perform a health check, complete an entitlement review, execute product mapping and bundling, provide an initial ILMT report to validate with product owners, and then create the final ILMT Baseline ELP Report.

ILMT Managed Services

With ILMT Management services, we’ll perform monthly health checks, quarterly reviews of product usage trends, licensing optimization reports, and ILMT Baseline ELP Reports to ensure that any new products added to your licensing are properly accounted for.

Audit Support

Audit Support includes, but is not limited to: review of license and use information provided by IBM, assistance with communication support and guidance to IBM products, document and/or data submissions, defining auditor requests, and pinpointing potential liabilities.

IBM SAM Managed Service

For organizations with non-PVU products, our SAM Managed Services experts can customize data requests for non-PVU products, provide data analysis on manually collected products, and complete annual licensing positioning on all IBM products within your organization.

IBM Baseline

For organizations with ILMT already installed, we’ll create your IBM Baseline Report. Our process includes an entitlement review, product mapping and bundling, customized data requests for PVU products, data analysis on manually collected products, report validation with product owners, and licensing positioning on all IBM products within your environment.

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ILMT Knowledge

Interested in learning more about ILMT? Check out our free 8-part video series to find out more about IBM licensing and compliance.

Achieve Success with IBM

Because we’re always up to date with the changing rules and terms and conditions of IBM Passport Advantage (PA) Licensing, you can count on our expertise to help you lower costs and reduce risk of audit.

IBM Licensing Experts

Getting the most out of your IBM agreements starts with defining what exists in your contract. Our experts take the complexities out of licensing negotiations to deliver options that make sense for your business needs.

Contract Negotiations

Our services include a comprehensive review of IBM Passport Advantage Licensing contract agreements, which is  a common requirement for IBM customers. In our review, we find the best methods to maximize your cost savings and optimize your software spend.

Audit Support

When an audit hits, you’ll want licensing experts in your corner. We can help you make your case with a validated audit report, along with continual support during the review stages.

IBM Licensing Metric Tool

If your ILMT isn’t properly configured, your business can still be disrupted by an audit. Our team has decades of experience helping clients reduce their risks, and we’d love to help your business become audit ready.


We pride ourselves in our proven approach to assess and plan your ITAM or SAM journey. Our process identifies risk and cost, giving you greater control of your assets. To learn more, click below.


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