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What is a HealthCheck?

A HealthCheck is a high-level assessment of key focus areas within your cloud environment with the potential to impact cost, configuration, and security negatively. Using our proprietary cloud analytics toolset, we uncover any issues. Then, after thoroughly analyzing the assessment results, our senior architects provide detailed, actionable recommendations.

When is a HealthCheck Right for You?

High Costs

If your consumption costs are too high but you’re having trouble diagnosing or fixing the problem, a HealthCheck is a cost-effective, efficient procedure that uncovers issues and recommends changes to help you optimize your costs and cloud spend.

Security Concerns

It’s wise to search for potential security vulnerabilities before something goes wrong. A HealthCheck can uncover issues you didn’t even know existed and recommend swift, necessary actions to mitigate or fix them.

Inherited Environment

New leadership or personnel in key roles will often request a HealthCheck to get an unbiased assessment of the existing environment they inherited. The evaluation can be critical leverage for initiating needed change.

Our HealthCheck Process

During our two-week HealthCheck process, we’ll conduct an assessment using our proprietary cloud analytic toolset.
After thoroughly analyzing the results, our senior architects will provide detailed recommendations and suggested next steps.

Initiation & Kickoff

Kickoff meeting to introduce the process, requirements, and deliverables.

Critical Assessment

Completed using an analytics toolset, which requires approximately two weeks of data collection.

Analysis Report

Produced from assessment results and summarizes critical items that require a plan for remediation.

Action Plan

A detailed plan with expert based recommendations on remediation steps which are ranked by priority.

HealthCheck Outcomes

Current State Analysis

We complete a thorough overview of your organization’s current critical items related to cost, configuration, and security.

Short & Long-Term Recommendations

Using the current state analysis as a foundation, our architects provide detailed recommendations to guide your next steps.

Remediation Plan of Action

A customized action plan for tackling any issues discovered within the current state analysis and proposed recommendations.

Success Stories

Azure Health Check

Founded in 2012, our client is a leading provider of enforcement, asset tracking and business process automation software to modern governments and operations. Municipalities, universities, operators, healthcare campuses, and transportation hubs can now leverage the combined technology solutions of their parent company since joining forces with the team in 2020.

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