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Industry experts predict that consumers of cloud services will significantly overspend on cloud subscriptions during the next decade. Our client shared this concern and engaged CleanSlate to assess their existing AWS cloud footprint. CleanSlate’s analysis and expert advice were required to determine steps to optimize their monthly cloud spend.

“As a result of this check, we have a better insight to our AWS costs, and what we can do to manage these costs going forward.” - SVP & CTO 51% reduction in Cloud Spend


CleanSlate cloud experts were engaged to perform a baseline assessment of the client’s cloud tenant. To facilitate the assessment, we utilized the CleanSlate Cloud Operations Framework. This tool served as a pattern to identify mature cloud operational practices and to ensure the delivery of a complete, comprehensive assessment.
Our cloud experts conducted the following activities:
Using CleanSlate’s Cloud Operations Framework, a comprehensive cloud assessment was performed to baseline the current cloud footprint. This was a crucial step given several parties had been involved in the creation and ongoing management of the cloud environment.
Applied expertise and knowledge of best practice approaches to identify operational gaps and areas of risk. This included using native tools – such as AWS Trusted Advisor - to identify areas of concern from a security and cost perspective.
Installed and configured proprietary cloud analysis tools to perform an in-depth analysis of the cloud spend and security compliance levels.

Results & Additional Info

By identifying areas of cost reduction, it was determined the client’s monthly cloud spend could be reduced by over 51% through a combination of optimization and reserved instances. Provided a clear action plan to implement 50+ new control recommendations to align with industry security standards and to reduce potential vulnerabilities. The action plan was appropriately categorized and prioritized to ease planning and implementation. Provided additional recommendations and knowledge sharing to give the client value-added insights for ongoing cloud optimization and management

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