Konow set to advance CleanSlate’s evolution as technology consulting leader

CleanSlate Technology Group (CSTG), a Carmel-based technology consulting firm specializing in building modern applications and products that move businesses forward, recently named Chris Konow as Chief Executive Officer of the organization. Konow is the third CEO in CleanSlate’s 22-year history. He succeeds John Loveys, who was with the company for 18 years and is stepping down as a much-respected CEO.

Konow began with CleanSlate 10 years ago, has served on the board of directors for six years and as Chief Operating Officer for the last four years. His foundation in professional services and the cloud consulting space for more than 20 years positions him well to scale and grow the company, especially as the demand for cloud consulting accelerates.

“CleanSlate’s cloud side of the business has really taken off,” said Konow, “and we expect to chase some strong growth goals over the next three to five years. I’m honored to build on John’s legacy and guide the company to the next evolution.”

Terry Anker, chairman of the board said, “Chris is a natural fit as CEO, a role that leverages his strength in developing new markets and building new scalable growth strategies. This is an exciting time for CleanSlate, hitting new growth milestones and building on a solid foundation, and we’re confident in Chris’ ability to lead us to the next level.”

CleanSlate excels at building products and modern applications that help their clients go above and beyond what they thought was possible. From cloud-native application development to DevOps and architecture, CleanSlate unlocks the potential of advanced technologies to deliver innovation and growth. As trusted partners committed to their clients’ success, they strive to leave every organization better than how they found them — poised for a sustainable, resilient future.