Branden Voegerl

Senior Account Executive

Branden is in his 14th year with CleanSlate. He started as an Account Executive in 2007. At that time, the company only had 6 full-time employees. Over the years, he has seen tremendous growth, company acquisitions, new management, and a rebranding. Branden might be the biggest Dallas Cowboys fan you know. Outisde of work, he spends his time following the Cowboys, and spending time with his wife, Stephanie, and their two kids (pictured to the left): Avery (Age 8) and Bryce (Age 5). Follow along with his Q&A on a day in his life at CleanSlate!

    Q: What is your role at CleanSlate?
    A: Senior Account Executive

    Q: What does your day-to-day look like at CleanSlate?
    A: No day is alike, but many include a lot of of the same activities.  My role, historically, has been to sell IBM Software.  I am responsible for one of our largest partners, Connection (formerly PC Connection).  Connection does not have the ability to resell IBM software, so they utilize our talent and knowledge of the solutions to do so.  With 500 sales reps across the country, they keep me very busy with requests.  I also have several direct relationships with clients that I manage.  With the addition of our services arm, and tremendous growth on that side of the house, I am trying to learn how to resell those offerings as well. I market our Consulting capabilities to new and existing clients.

    Q: What do you like about working at CleanSlate?
    A: I think the thing I like most about working at CleanSlate are the people.  It is not often that you genuinely like everyone that you work with.  I am still very close with many past employees.

    Q: What skills are you currently utilizing in your role?
    A: Relationship building.  I think the key to “Sales” is relationships.  Companies have to trust you in order to invest with you.

    Q: What gets you excited about your everyday work?
    A: A combination of the people and the uniqueness of every day.

    Q: What are you looking forward to at CleanSlate and in your career?
    A: I am looking forward to more growth and potential leadership opportunities.

    Q: What are one or two long-term career goals that you have?
    A: I want to strengthen my knowledge of the services and solutions provided by our services arm.  I have spent some time over the last year learning and passing certifications to broaden my knowledge.  I would also like to continue to grow with CleanSlate and potentially move into more of a leadership role down the line.