John Harrison

Business Development Manager

John has been in IT consulting for the majority of his successful career. At CleanSlate, he actively works to help organizations with their Cloud, Salesforce, and/or IT Asset Management solutions. He is known for his excellent relationships with our clients, partners, and employees. Outside of work, John loves watching sports and spending time with his family (his daughter is pictured to his right). Follow along with his Q&A on a day in his life at CleanSlate!

    Q: What is your role at CleanSlate?
    A: Business Development Manager

    Q: Can you give a brief background on your career history, if applicable?
    A: Brief? Me? OK, I will try. I started in IT consulting in 1993. Love it and stayed with it ever since. I have worked for quite a few different firms during that time. I have seen a lot.

    Q: What does your day-to-day look like at CleanSlate?
    A: Well, it is varied. Lots of phone calls and emails for prospecting. Researching companies and contacts. Project meetings, hopefully sales calls to qualify opportunities.

    Q: What do you like about working at CleanSlate?
    A: Easy – the people. We have a great team and culture.

    Q: What projects are you currently working on?
    A: I am working on developing relationships with our ICP – Ideal Customer Profile – Companies.

    Q: What teams are you working on?
    A: Sales of course, love to help marketing too. I am also working on the AWS PTP team.

    Q: What skills are you currently utilizing in your role?
    A: Detective skills, patience, determination, persistence, communication, relationship development. 

    Q: What gets you excited about your everyday work?
    A: The possibility of finding a new project or a new client.

    Q: What are you looking forward to at CleanSlate and in your career?
    A: I just want to help us continue to grow our customer base for now.

    Q: Any fun facts about yourself, or anything else you’d like to share?
    A: I grew up on a farm and my first job out of college was as a commodities broker. I worked for a small retail firm helping people trade futures and options on Gold, Silver, Pork Bellies, OJ (think trading places with Eddie Murphy) and many more.