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Migrating mission critical applications to a modern cloud architecture

Southwestern based company that markets sports equipment and student achievement accessories, including spirit awards, class rings and jewelry, and yearbook products.


Dallas, TX




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New Relic: APM
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Multiple development projects and programs were being launched to update the application, and the capacity constraints were limiting needed non-production environments, which in turn limited work that could be completed in parallel. CleanSlate was retained at the inception of the project to lead the following:

- Perform an assessment of the existing suite of applications, databases, integrations, and on-premise infrastructure and workloads

- Based on the assessment, generate a future state cloud architecture and cloud roadmap including AWS “6R” options for various services

- Create and execute the migration plan for the various applications and services

“ A comprehensive migration plan was built and executed. The migration included multiple application services, database, integrations and network configurations. “


Based on CleanSlate’s assessment, a future state cloud architecture was designed that fully utilized AWS services. This architecture included a multizone implementation as well as a fully scalable Elastic Container Service (ECS) deployment to allow scale up/down based on seasonable business. Additionally, Oracle Relational Database Service (RDS) was leveraged to provide full fault tolerance and scalable for the database platform. An implementation was completed which included infrastructure, security, operations, and Infrastructure as Code (IaS) automation.

Results & Additional Info

CleanSlate successfully implemented the new cloud architecture and migration that provided the following benefits:
-The migration was completed on schedule, minimizing impact to business operations. There were no production outages as a result of the production cutover to the cloud.

-AWS cloud services provided a higher level of reliability, introducing an immediate reduction to system downtime.

-AWS cloud services provided unlimited resources, eliminating the capacity and resource constraints that were impacting business growth and operations.

-By way of automation, new non-production environments could be created in as little as 1 hour. This allowed multiple teams to work in parallel which greatly increased productivity. Previously this process would have taken 4-6 weeks.

-The AWS cloud solution positioned the client to scale up their Product Development teams and launch several additional development initiatives sponsored by the company.

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