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Integrate international business units with Salesforce and AWS

International organization which operates digital online auctions for North American and European automotive marketplaces.


Carmel, IN




Automotive Remarketing

Technology Solutions

Salesforce Sales Cloud
AWS Lambda/ AWS API Gateway
AWS Step Functions
AWS SynamoDB
AWS Fargate


Our client was experiencing a challenge faced by many companies – multiple versions of the “customer profile” existed in multiple business unit applications. The impact was obvious - the customer profile was inconsistent across applications, updates to customer information had to be manually entered into multiple systems, and data discrepancies were creating processing errors for billing and other departments. Additionally, compliance controls (such as GDPR) created constraints that prevented various systems from sharing data. A single, accurate view of the customer profile was needed that included data from the business applications across the company – including both European and North American locations.


CleanSlate was engaged to bring our Salesforce and AWS Cloud expertise together to determine a solution to fit the client’s specific needs. Working together, it was determined that a single customer master would be created within Salesforce. Centralizing the data into this single source would provide the control to ensure privacy and compliance were maintained. Customer security identities would also be managed from Salesforce, utilizing their enterprise identity management platform. Specific business processes were then designed to synchronize data elements between the new central source and the other company business applications.

Results & Additional Info

Successful delivery of the solution allowed the client to meet their goal of a unified customer profile for all business applications that maintained compliance controls and privacy.
• Client was delivered a completely serverless solution that provided real-time integration between business applications at a fraction of the normal cost to operate.
• The new solution resolved issues with privacy and international compliance controls by conforming to GDPR standards.
• The new solution properly maintained and synchronized customer identities, while also ensuring the identities were secured within the Enterprise Identity Management platform.

Due to the large volume of data transactions and strict privacy laws, special consideration had to be applied to ensure sensitive data was synchronized in a timely manner while still adhering to compliance controls. The AWS based microservice architecture provided a resilient and scalable infrastructure, that could grow as new applications were integrated and customer transaction volumes increased.

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