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ILMT setup and configuration across a state government enterprise

The client currently leverages a large suite of IBM software solutions to provide the various platforms and applications required to support its internal and external applications. The IBM software solutions span across a large portion of the client’s infrastructure and are deployed across several servers within the enterprise.


Lincoln, Nebraska





Technology Solutions

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The client needed assistance with set up and configuration of ILMT to maintain IBM License compliance across several state agencies with varying technical difficulties. They found that ILMT was complicated to install and configure, and needed assistance with IBM PVU Subcapacity reporting. Specifically, each agency needed to know their exact PVU License usage and, thus, reached out to CleanSlate for assistance.

CleanSlate and the client installed ILMT v9.2 to maintain IBM compliance and provide a stable platform.


CleanSlate installed and configured ILMT to the latest version, following IBM’s best practices and documentation, to ensure accurate PVU Subcapacity reporting, and worked with network admins to ensure proper communications between agencies, and performed software classification in ILMT to generate accurate PVU Subcapacity reports.

Results & Additional Info

CleanSlate was able to install ILMT to latest available version, which enabled successful ILMT Scans and reporting for approximately 40 servers residing in different agencies, each within isolated networks. CleanSlate also successfully produced Subcapacity reports for 9 IBM products across 5 state agencies, which helped ensure that the State of Nebraska are within their entitled software limitations.

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