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Protect your business with A zero-trust mindset

Dealing with a cybersecurity crisis is inevitable. Securing your business from attacks like ransomware is more important than ever. If you are recovering from an attack, you need to recover in hours—not weeks. CleanSlate has more than 20 years of experience assisting clients with the best of class solutions to secure their enterprise.

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We work with organizations like yours that have adopted a zero trust mindset of prevention or are working to maintain regulatory compliance. In case of a ransomware attack, IBM software solutions can help bring our clients to full recovery.

We Practice Partnership

We pride ourselves in our ability to maintain trusted relationships. We approach every encounter with curiosity top of mind and a listening–first mentality to make sure each solution we provide is the right solution for you. Every day, we push ourselves to make sure we are the best IBM partner we can be for our client.

Adopt a Zero Trust Security Strategy

We offer expertise on a multitude of products and services such as QRadar, Guardium, ReaQta, Cloud Pak, and more. Whether you need to detect and respond to cyberattacks, analyze potential security breaches, or modernize your backup and recovery strategies, our team is ready to help your business achieve data resiliency.

Team of Trusted Experts

Secure your business from cyberthreats like ransomware with best-in-class IBM solutions. We’re experts at helping clients solve a multitude of security problems—from license assessments, procurements, negotiations, migrations, and upgrades, to healthchecks, implementations, proof of concepts, demos, and more. We always bring the right team to the table to solve your business needs.

Protect Your Business with Best-in-Class Security

IBM’s best-in-class security suite detects advanced threats before they occur, keeping your business safe from cyber attacks. If your business has already been victim to cyberthreats, you need to recover in weeks, not months. By adopting a zero-trust mindset, IBM security solutions provide optimal protection from cybersecurity threats, and gets your business back on track.

Fortifying the future: the imperative of data security

Safeguarding your data is not just a choice, but a necessity in today’s digital landscape, where data fuels innovation and trust is paramount. By providing real-time monitoring and analytics, IBM Security Guardium helps organizations detect and prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data, reducing the risk of data breaches. Its advanced capabilities enable organizations to track data usage, enforce data policies, and achieve compliance with regulatory standards. Get started today with the help of the CleanSlate team.


Other ibm areas of focus

We are experts at navigating clients through all the complexities of IBM licensing of products to help them maximize the value of their contracts and reveal new opportunities for cost savings.

Data Analytics

With IBM, we can simplify data by automating data integration, governance, and consumption. These solutions allow us to recommend actions that turn disruptions into opportunities, ensuring greater success for you and your business.

IBM Cloud

As a Platinum IBM Partner, we’re ready to help you transform your business with the power of technology. Improve remote productivity and speed, increase resiliency and scale, and implement high-quality risk control strategies with IBM Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solutions.


Turn your sustainability goals into action. Reduce waste, lower costs, streamline operations, and implement more beneficial practices for your business with IBM sustainability solutions.


Intelligent Automation understands customer intent and can predict the best way to meet needs with a seamless hand-off, optimizing application performance while dramatically reducing costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

ibm licensing experts

We provide a comprehensive review of IBM Passport Advantage Licensing contract agreements and find the best way to structure new contracts to maximize your cost savings and optimize your software spend.


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