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There are a million reasons to migrate to the cloud – enabling growth, accelerating innovation, meeting customer demands, and optimizing infrastructure costs are just a few. Yet, most companies hesitate because they’re uncertain of “the next steps.” As AWS cloud experts, we bring clarity to your SaaS-based solutions and data modernization challenges, showing you the path to maximizing full business potential.

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CleanSlate Technology Group (CSTG) was brought in to provide a new infrastructure configuration, DevOps platform, and bring the application and infrastructure to a standard that would allow Wonderopolis to meet their demands with their customers.

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Cloud Consulting

Maybe you’re already in the cloud, but not sure if your business is getting the most out of it. Or, you realize it’s time to modernize but have no idea of where or how to begin. Our experienced cloud experts can help you chart the right path.

SaaS and Cloud-Native Development

A SaaS mindset empowers an organization to design and build cloud-native applications that unlock new ways to engage in the marketplace, advance business strategy, and provide better experiences for the customer, client, and employees.

Data Modernization

Data modernization is a crucial step in staying competitive in today’s data-driven economy. By modernizing your data infrastructure, you can unlock new insights, streamline operations, reduce costs, enhance security and enable scalability.


When you free up your developers, they will ramp up your innovation. We can help you turn your DevOps into an automated beast that shortens the development cycle and enables continuous improvement for a faster speed to market.

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