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DFC Siemens Teamcenter Migration

Delta Faucet is a long-time manufacturing company of hardware and producers of the first single-handle faucet. They are the first to advertise a faucet in print and bring to market the first domestically produced kitchen faucet pull-out. Delta’s Innovation group – First Wave – is where they launch new products and innovations into the market to meet customer demands and keep pace in the digital landscape. Since introducing this faucet, Delta Faucet has continued to bring new innovative products to market with the consumer in mind. Delta Faucet’s innovative products aim to transform daily life and how you interact with water, making every moment spent in the kitchen or bathroom one to remember.


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Technology Solutions

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Amazon RDS
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The client had a software platform running in their local data center that was out of capacity, had limited network connectivity, and required a hardware refresh. Additionally, the software platform required a significant software update, and since the data center was out of capacity, there was no hardware available to perform testing in a non-production environment. With a finite schedule, the decision to move this software platform to the cloud was determined to help accelerate the project and eliminate many of the issues they faced with their on-premises solution.

“CleanSlate’s part of the project was flawless. We had challenges in other areas of the project, but not with CleanSlate.” - Delta Faucet Infrastructure Manager.


CleanSlate built a fully automated and scalable infrastructure for non-production and production software platforms. All environments were built using Infrastructure as Code utilizing CloudFormation and managed in the client’s source code repositories. Network connectivity was established between the corporate headquarters and their remote workforce via VPN.

EC2 instances were utilized as the compute resources for the software platform’s application servers, and RDS was used to manage the Oracle database requirements. All EC2 instances had an AMI defined to represent the golden image used to seed additional environments on demand. A DevOps process was implemented to manage any configuration drift to the environments using CloudFormation and publish changes to EC2 instances by updating the golden images. All systems were monitored with Amazon CloudWatch, with operational dashboards provided to the support team. AWS Backup was used to ensure the RPO and RTO objectives were met and provided a recovery option if an outage were to occur

Results & Additional Info

CleanSlate lowered the monthly cost to maintain the Siemens Teamcenter environments from $20,000/month to $12,000/month. As part of the migration, Delta was able to upgrade Teamcenter to the latest version providing access to additional PLM features. Finally, migrating to AWS helped to prolong the life of workstations using Teamcenter by shifting some of the compute workload to AWS.

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