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The client maintained a large collection of point-to-point integrations between internal and external trading partners but did not effectively leverage a centralized solution or Enterprise Service Bus. Most integrations were not re-usable or scalable to meet the needs of the growing business. The client needed an API-based solution that exposed a gateway of re-usable services that enabled the company and its clients to process business faster.

“CleanSlate understands the best practice approach for implementing MuleSoft and was able to create a framework that enables us to quickly meet the demands of our ever-changing business.”


CleanSlate deployed the on-premise version of MuleSoft and defined the Enterprise Architecture. Developed and deployed a set of common APIs that allowed products to be accessed/displayed and enabled the processing of transactions between internal and external trading partners. Comprehensive API governance, best practices and enablement processes were implemented to ensure ongoing adoption. CI/CD setup & DevOps processes were established to enable rapid deployments that allow the business to react and adjust to ever-changing customer needs.

Results & Additional Info

The initial release of MuleSoft focused on the deployment of a flexible architecture that allows the client to easily scale as well as expand to the cloud when the time is right. Many of the previous integration solutions included file transfer and point-to-point solutions. Services are now available in a real-time capacity and can be leveraged by many with little to no development required. Business transactions can now process in seconds vs. overnight batch processing. Due to the nature of the business, the client requires a highly secure solution. MuleSoft is easily configurable to meet high security requirements with ease. This has eliminated the need for customized workarounds to meet security demands.

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