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CleanSlate is a partner with the International Association of Information Technology Asset Managers (“IAITAM”) and helps to provide ongoing educational opportunities to the professional community of IT Asset Managers. The CleanSlate ITAM team holds professional certifications from IAITAM and leverages many of its ITAM management frameworks, along with ISO standards and best practices, to help our clients establish strong asset management programs.


The CleanSlate ITAM practice was initially founded on its knowledge of software asset management to assist clients with ongoing software compliance initiatives. We continue to partner with HCL today to implement the BigFix framework for clients and to build out enterprise SAM programs and license positions to help reduce risks, reduce cost and optimize software usage.


CleanSlate partners with International Business Software Managers Association (“IBSMA”) to provide ongoing educational opportunities for the professional community of Software Asset Managers. Our goal is to ensure that our clients and the industry have the necessary tools and education to be able to implement and manage the most effective SAM programs possible.


We align ourselves with Oracle to server as an expert in the discovery and licensing of the entire Oracle suite. We focus on generating effective license positions to assist our clients in understanding their current Oracle footprint to realize cost savings and cost avoidance.


CleanSlate maintains a strong Software Asset Management program and leverages our understanding of the Microsoft software deployment and licensing models to generate a strong effective license position. We cover the gamut for our client’s Microsoft asset management needs from robust software discovery to contract tracking and alignment to entitlement data. Whether it be on-premise or cloud-based utilization, we help our clients to understand their position and the data used for cost savings and risk avoidance.


Having visibility into your digital environment is crucial. Our partnership with New Relic brings a full range of diagnostics to your multi-tenant platforms, including Applications, Infrastructure, and Customer Experience. These powerful capabilities empower teams to be proactive and identify opportunities for improvement, before your business is impacted.


CleanSlate understands the complexities of your multi-cloud, multi-tenant environment. Leveraging Terraform automation, we build reusable workflows to provision infrastructure for your private cloud, public cloud, and external services. We can accelerate your operation with reusable templates and infrastructure-as-code best practices.


CleanSlate provides comprehensive cloud management for modern cloud centric enterprises by leveraging CloudCheckr technology. Cost, security, and governance must all be carefully managed to ensure you are getting the most from your cloud investment. CleanSlate can provide the expertise to take the guesswork out of your operation.


We believe your customers deserve the best possible user experience. Our partnership with Conga enables improves the user experience creating, managing, collaborating, and signing business documents and contracts. The Conga Suite of products provide visual process automation to drive improved customer interactions and increased productivity.


CleanSlate leverages Docusign to improve your digital signature workflow. All businesses require a process to securely sign documents. Our solutions allow documents to easily be uploaded and shared for others to sign. Workflow enables reminders and status to keep things moving.


CleanSlate can help your business take full advantage of Serverless applications. Eliminate the need to provision, scale, and manage servers. We can help you build your application to take full advantage of Azure – and let Azure handle high availability and scaling for you. Building serverless applications means that your developers can focus on core product capabilities instead of worrying about managing and operating servers or runtimes.


CleanSlate’s Enterprise Integration Practice develops Scribe based solutions which provide powerful, cost-effective custom integrations. Scibe’s Application Connectors further facilitate integration with a variety of industry platforms including Microsoft, Salesforce, and Oracle. Easy-to-use management and collaboration tools accelerate the entire integration development lifecycle.


More than diagrams and flowcharts, we use Lucidchart’s powerful integration features to connect with AWS, Azure, Microsoft OneDrive, and others. Lucidchart’s automated diagram features reduces documentation time while still providing effective communication deliverables.


Open source software offers technology capabilities that business needs to deliver applications and services. Red Hat is the world’s leading provider of enterprise open source solutions, including products such as Linux and Kubernetes. Our partnership with Redhat enables us to deliver on our commitment to cloud technologies and capabiltites.


The threat of security vulnerabilities is real and growing and software complexity increases. Our DevOps model utilizes Checkmarx to manage software exposure, eliminating software related vulnerabilities and providing measurements to accurately understand business risk.


Helping the world’s leading organizations unlock the potential of rich digital content. Whether powering innovations, creating entertainment, or keeping nations secure, Quantum works with you to make the world a happier, safer, and smarter place.

Scale Computing

Scale Computing HC3® software eliminates the need for traditional IT silos of virtualization software, disaster recovery software, servers, and shared storage, replacing these with a fully integrated, highly available platform for running applications.