Strategic Roadmap

Drive your business forward to discover the value of the cloud.

What is a Strategic Cloud Roadmap?

Whether you’re in the cloud already or moving there, CleanSlate has a team of experts who can help you get the most out of it and meet your business goals. With a strategic multi-year roadmap tailored to your unique needs, you’ll be able to maximize the potential of the cloud for a faster speed to market, accelerated innovation, and greater business value. Are you ready to begin your journey?

When is a Roadmap right for you?

During our many years of experience developing strategic roadmaps, four primary reasons for requesting one stand out.

Data Center Consolidation

If you’re closing a data center to move to the cloud, a strategic roadmap is recommended.

Application Rewrite

It could be time to rewrite a legacy application that’s already in the cloud or moving there.


When two companies merge you will need to navigate the complexities of merging infrastructures, too.

Cloud Committed

If your business is fully committed to a cloud-only future, a strategic roadmap is essential to charting the path forward.

Cloud Strategic Planning Framework

The CleanSlate framework is a comprehensive three-to-six-month process during which we conduct an in-depth examination into three workstreams: Application Discovery, Asset Discovery, and Cloud Foundation.

Initiation & Kickoff

As essential start to our collaboration, ensuring we’re all on the same page and share the same goals.

• Project Kickoff Meeting
• Schedule & Communication
• Establish Project Team
• Sprint Planning

Application Discovery & Analysis

We begin with a deep dive into your strategic applications.

• Discovery Sessions
• Application Analysis
• Technology Alignment
• Migration Planning

Asset Discovery & Analysis

We gain a holistic view of your and infrastructure and applications.

• Asset Inventory
• Dependency Collection
• Application Mapping & Modeling

Cloud Foundation

We establish a view of what your cloud will look like from an architectural and operational perspective.

• Cloud Operations Framework Evaluation
• Future State Cloud Architecture

Strategic Roadmap Outcomes

Current State Analysis

A detailed review of your on-premise and cloud subscription, topology, network architecture, cloud services, cost analysis, and overall operations evaluation.

Findings Analysis

Analysis of your current state based on cloud best practices across the applications, cloud architecture, and DevOps.

Cost Analysis

A detailed analysis of current and forecasted costs for application and infrastructure migration and operation in a new cloud environment.

Strategic Roadmap

A strategic multi-year roadmap detailing how to accomplish your goals and set your organization up for success within a new cloud environment.

Success Stories

Software asset management roadmap

State agency that provides technology services to other state agencies. They are responsible for IT strategic direction, IT policy and delivering centralized IT products and services within the state.

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