Software Asset Management Professional

SAM Professional is a fully-integrated and comprehensive solution available to work with the base ServiceNow platform.  SAM Professional allows organizations to easily track, maintain and align software discovery and entitlement information. Access to this information enables companies to identify and react to security risks, reduce compliance and financial penalties and execute processes to optimize software deployments to control costs. The expanded capabilities of SAM Professional also allow seamless collaboration with ServiceNow ITSM and Self-Service Portal while also including simple integrations to external systems for automated software distribution and software harvesting.



At CleanSlate, we know that it is important to know the technology that is implemented but having the knowledge to leverage the tool to maximize its benefits is key.  CleanSlate draws from our decades of ITAM and Software asset management experience and our ServiceNow partnership to provide comprehensive service offerings to implement a solid SAM framework using SAM Professional.  Our goal is to help quickly expand upon current ServiceNow deployments to realize immediate value through increased security, compliance, cost savings/avoidance and ongoing optimization.

SAM Roadmap
Our comprehensive SAM Roadmap outlines the long-term, executable plan to software asset management while building immediate value and ROI for any organization. Our approach eliminates the confusion and simplifies the processes to achieve a proactive SAM maturity model; including the appropriate direction leveraging people, process and technology.
SAM Professional Quickstart
The CleanSlate Quickstart for ServiceNow SAM Professional provides a rapid deployment of the foundation for a mature software asset management program using best in breed processes and tools. Our Quickstart for ServiceNow SAM Professional is designed to allow our clients to quickly set the foundation for ongoing SAM governance with a rapid deployment model.
SAM Professional Software Rationalization Services
Our Software Portfolio Rationalization Services allow our clients to quickly identify primary publisher risks and prepare an action plan for those top targets. The output from these initiatives can be leveraged within ServiceNow SAM Pro to take immediate action.
SAM Professional Enterprise License Position
Our Enterprise License Position services allows organizations to act on top priority publishers within their portfolio to identify security gaps, avoid unnecessary software expenditures and compliance risks. Our targeted approach focuses on outputs from our publisher rationalization services to quickly deliver results and cost savings. CleanSlate delivers comprehensive and accurate results through the completion of thorough entitlement to usage evaluations using ServiceNow SAM Professional. Our experienced SAM team members leverage their licensing and discovery experience to deliver rapid results.
SAM Professional Managed Services
Our SAM Managed Services serves to partner with organizations to reach a proactive maturity model by leveraging people processes and tools such as the SAM Professional from ServiceNow. Whether it be serving as an extension of your current SAM program or providing an entirely outsourced model, we’re here to provide immediate value. Key values derived include:

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