Customizing your Salesforce Platform

We are a Salesforce consulting partner focused on Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud and Integration. Our team can enhance Salesforce capabilities through APEX development, integrations, process & workflow automation, and dashboards and reporting.


CleanSlate uses experience and industry best practices to help businesses succeed in a competitive sales or service market. 

CleanSlate performs a 360-degree review of the entire business and advises on the best way to leverage this feature-rich application to meet business goals. 


CleanSlate guides companies toward standard configuration in order to make their Salesforce investment as cost-effective as possible. 

CleanSlate also meets customers’ specific needs by developing custom applications and/or leveraging third-party AppExchange products.


CleanSlate believes that people align to products and services based on the quality of the experiences they have with them and not just what looks good. 

CleanSlate helps customers drive success for their organization or brand through relevant, effective, and engaging user experience and design.  


CleanSlate recognizes that while Salesforce is fully equipped to be at the center of an organization’s entire operation, companies often use multiple applications to run their sales and service operations. 

CleanSlate identifies where Salesforce belongs within the customer’s entire ecosystem and delivers seamless integrations to keep all systems running smoothly and all data clean and reliable.


CleanSlate has system experience that goes beyond just the Salesforce platform.  While replacing legacy systems with Salesforce, CleanSlate will perform the migration of all required data including mapping, translation, cleansing, and backup while working closely with the customer to ensure quality and trust in the data. 


CleanSlate helps organizations transition to the Lightning Experience by both guiding companies through the built-in readiness checker process and making the required configuration and code changes. 

CleanSlate understands that even small changes can cause disruption to business and helps companies train their employees to use the features they already know in the new look and feel of Lightning Experience.


CleanSlate can be onsite and respond quickly to your needs.

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Strategic Partnerships

CleanSlate partners with some of the top tech companies in the world to help our clients integrate Salesforce into their business plan. Our certified Salesforce consultants work with these companies because we believe they bring something unique and useful to the table—and we’ll help you leverage our partnerships with them to your advantage.

Our strategic partnerships can optimize your sales tactics in lots of ways, including helping streamline compliance and reporting, improving security, seamless integration of multiple platforms, and boosting your overall sales strategy. Check out a few of our most important partnerships below.


Specializes in connected systems together, allowing you to easily manage the flow of data throughout your business.


Provides a suite of technology solutions designed to improve sales processes, protect you from compliance issues, and give detailed reports on actionable data.


Streamlines the process of reading and signing documents online, safely and securely.


A cloud-based tool allowing easy integration, replication and migration of data from both cloud-based and on-premise applications.

Why CleanSlate?

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to Salesforce. CleanSlate’s Salesforce consultants and developers will work with you to get a detailed understanding of your business and market position to put together a set of custom solutions that will work to the maximum benefit of your business.