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CleanSlate is an IBM Platinum Business Partner with more than 20 years of experience assisting clients with contract negotiations, software licensing, audit support and reports, and pretty much everything else in the complex IBM environment. We approach every engagement as an opportunity to structure deals holistically to meet your short- and long-term goals. We’re there when you need us with high-touch consultation. And when you don’t, you can still expect to get the best value out of your IBM spend.


We are experts at navigating clients through all the complexities of IBM licensing of products to help them maximize the value of their contracts and reveal new opportunities for cost savings.

Data Analytics

With IBM, we can simplify data by automating data integration, governance, and consumption. This allows us to recommend actions that turn disruptions into opportunities for growth, ensuring greater success for you and your company.


Secure or recover your organization from cyberattacks with IBM products like QRadar and Guardium. Avoid data disruptions and keep business running as usual with preventative measures.


We excel at building modern products and applications that unlock your potential. We deliver strategic guidance, comprehensive deployment services, and ongoing cloud-based system management to make sure your business is getting the most out of the cloud – whether you are just starting to define your needs or are already far down the path.


Intelligent Automation understands customer intent and can predict the best way to meet needs with a seamless hand-off, optimizing application performance while dramatically reducing costs and increasing customer satisfaction.


We can put your sustainability goals into action by helping you define your ESG goals, establish a clear baseline with a single system of record, and enable you to leverage links between your ESG data and operational systems – from providing strategic guidance and reviewing your supply chain, green IT initiatives, and asset management systems to supporting your ESG reporting requirements.


We provide a comprehensive review of IBM Passport Advantage Licensing contract agreements and find the best way to structure new contracts to maximize your cost savings and optimize your software spend.



How Can CleanSlate IBM Licensing Help You?


Compliance issues can be largely mitigated by organizations that engage in a comprehensive expert review of their IBM usage and entitlements before an audit.

Cost Optimization

Organizations may uncover opportunities for substantial cost savings and cost avoidance during a license review process.

Positive Outcomes

A robust software asset management program with documented procedures for audit notices and properly trained personnel can greatly improve vendor negotiation outcomes.

our process

IBM License & Subscription Assessment

We conduct a license assessment of your organization’s contract for comparison to its entitlements to establish a baseline compliance position.

License & Cost Optimization

Our licensing experts provide a detailed impact analysis report showing how the suggested changes will affect the organization’s licensing estate.

Strategy & Implementation

CleanSlate assists in executing strategies that may include license procurement, contract negotiations, license migrations, license upgrades, and “what-if” licensing scenarios based on recommendations around changes to server allocations and environment redesigns. Any of these may be required to keep the organization in compliance or to execute its future strategy.

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