Software Asset Management

The right SAM strategy makes all the difference.

Our software asset management (SAM) experts can help you create, execute, and manage a comprehensive SAM strategy designed specifically for the needs of your organization.

The right SAM strategy won’t just save you money—it will help with software rollouts, licensing issues, compliance, and risk mitigation, too. We’ll make sure your SAM strategy is always working to your advantage, and is aligned with your goals. 

Software License Baseline
We get rid of the stress and hassle—not to mention the risk—associated with self-auditing by giving you a clear picture of your software licenses. This will help you make the right decisions about your software investments moving forward.

SAM Tool Implementation
To get the maximum value from your IT investments, SAM tool implementation is usually necessary. We implement tools like ILMT, Flexera and BigFix Inventory, which can help you manage changes to your IT infrastructure, as well as reduce your compliance and security risks. 

Software Lifecycle Management
Software is always being upgraded, so it’s important to plan for the lifecycle of these products. We’ll help you manage your software from the initial phases through retirement, and we’ll make sure you’re always up to date with the latest and greatest applications. 

License Optimization
Are your software licenses optimized to the needs of your business? Many companies don’t know, and that can really hurt an organization’s bottom line. CleanSlate knows how to optimize your licenses, saving you time and money.

Cloud Optimization
Organizations are adopting SaaS subscriptions and cloud apps faster than ever, but oftentimes don’t understand what they pay for and use. We provide visibility and control when it comes to cloud optimization, giving insight into one of your biggest investments. 

SAM Managed Services
For companies that don’t have the capacity to take care of SAM services in house—or who want to use their resources elsewhere—we offer fully integrated managed services to cover all of your SAM needs.

IBM’s License Metric Tool
If used properly, IBM’s License Metric Tool can dramatically reduce software licensing costs—but that’s a big “if.” We’re experts at helping companies deploy and manage ILMT in a way that saves them money, time, and hassle.

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