As a long-time IBM partner, CleanSlate can offer world-class IBM consulting solutions so that will help your enterprise adapt, innovate, and become the very best it can be.

Cloud technology is already transforming the face of business as we know it, and that won’t change any time soon. We provide cloud-based, on-demand services including data storage, software as a service, hosting, application development, and more to help our clients modernize their business and be prepared for the future.

We can implement strategy-driven Cognitive tactics that adapt both to the needs of your business and to the changing landscape of technology. Cognitive solutions, including the IBM Cloud platform and Watson, are just a couple of ways we assist clients in this area.

Data & Analytics
Data—and the ability to transform it into useful information—is one of the key ways we help companies meet their goals. We believe that data-driven decision-making drives positive results, and we use the latest algorithms and analytical tools to translate massive amounts of data into useful and actionable information.

IT Infrastructure
A strong IT infrastructure is crucial for the efficiency and security of your business. If yours isn’t up to snuff, we can help by optimizing your platforms and deployment models in critical ways that will help protect your business—and help it thrive. 

Internet of Things
The Internet of Things is connecting us in ways that weren’t possible just a few years ago. We can help you harness its power by streamlining your operations and improving the way you analyze data—which is useful in improving just about every aspect of your business.

There’s a big difference between mobile-ready and mobile-first. And in today’s competitive business world, becoming mobile-first is a must. We can empower your team with mobile technology, keeping them connected with customers, coworkers, vendors, and partners 24/7.

Digital attacks on your organization are a real threat. But our expertise can help you rest easy knowing your company’s vital data is safe and protected. We can assist with network security, operation and response, security compliance, information risk and protection, and more with our IBM Security solutions.

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