CleanSlate & Docker – Modernize Your Applications with Speed

Looking to modernize your applications and create high velocity delivery? Docker is the market leading containerization platform that allows you to securely build and run your applications in any environment with speed! Containers speed product delivery by packaging and sharing applications in a consistent manner, eliminating environment issues. Docker Enterprise manages and secures your legacy and new applications, enabling your company to more easily modernize applications. In addition, Docker’s container platform is enterprise-grade and fully supported, so organizations are enabled to deliver world class applications with lightning speed.

Docker Enterprise Gives Legacy Applications Modern Capabilities

Docker Enterprise Edition is Docker’s flagship product offering that enables modernization of traditional applications. Docker Enterprise services provide a turnkey solution that delivers portability, security and efficiency for your app portfolio which reduces total costs and enables opportunities to innovate with cloud and new app development.

CleanSlate & Docker Consulting 

  • Containerization Strategy and Implementation
  • Legacy / Traditional Application Modernization and Migrations
  • Integrating containers with Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery Pipelines
  • Authorized Docker Enterprise Edition Reseller