Heading into the New Year with IT Asset Management

Heading into the New Year with IT Asset Management

It is about that time of the year when companies are trying to finalize their future budget cycle and financial allocations. Companies allocate roughly 5%, and even upwards of 10% for some industries, of company revenue for IT budget. This equates to a very large sum when you start considering the various companies in the financial, tech, retail, and manufacturing industries. To put it in perspective, a company with $10 billion in annual revenue would spend approximately $500 million. So this begs the question: Are the executives and upper management in a position to make intelligent and innovative business decisions with the data provided coming from the IT department?


  • No governance established – Many companies do not have an established governance, policies, or procedures in place to efficiently manage the lifecycle of IT assets. More often I see companies working as separate groups in segregated systems with no set standards and no defined ownership. This type of behavior leads to inefficiency of resources, increased risks, and costly mistakes.
  • No attention to IT Asset Management – The majority of companies have never had IT Asset Management practices at the forefront. There has not been a champion to own and incorporate it, so other priorities continue to undermine ITAM. There may also be misconceptions around ITAM practices that play a part in how well adopted they become, and stakeholders have not been properly informed of the need for it so it continues to take the back seat.
  • No ITAM Maturity – There are many companies that have basic ITAM processes in place, but many of them are manual and lacking important data points. There may not be enough resources to effectively manage and optimize the entire IT asset portfolio, the necessary tools for doing so may not be available, or a combination of the two, prevent companies from moving up the maturity scale. Also, different departments and lines of business are working separately instead of together. This makes it extremely difficult to operate with efficiency and agility and to make strategic and innovative decisions.


    Start by creating your “why” statement. Why is IT Asset Management important to the company? Support your argument with concrete examples and statistics to get the attention of executives and decision makers. Executive level buy-in is critical for making an ITAM practice successful.

    Once you have executive support, work with key stakeholders on determining your highest priorities. What has the most impact on the various lines of business? Criteria may include things like largest area of spend, compliance/audit risk, time period of renewal or true-up. 

    You may currently be a in a position of preparing to finalize the 2020 budget, and the task feels daunting if you identify with any or all of the challenges listed above. You may know that you need to present the challenges to managers to gain their support, but you are not sure how or where to start. If so, we would love to help you get started.

    We can partner with you at any point along your journey to help you map out and execute ITAM maturity.

    CleanSlate Announces Partnership with Zylo

    CleanSlate Announces Partnership with Zylo

    INDIANAPOLIS – October 9, 2019 – Cleanslate Technology Group, a leader in technology consulting, today announces their partnership with the leading enterprise SaaS management platform, Zylo. This partnership is designed to deliver optimal value for customers investing in cloud enterprise software and SaaS.

    With its established leadership position as the SaaS management platform of choice for innovative enterprises, Zylo complements Cleanslate’s domain expertise in specialized services for enterprise integration, applications, and IT asset management.

    The partnership we’ve forged with Zylo is truly the best of both worlds. Zylo’s innovative approach to SaaS management builds on Cleanslate’s experience in serving the software needs of progressive enterprise IT teams.

    Chris Konow

    VP of Consulting Services, CleanSlate

    We’re thrilled to establish a partnership with CleanSlate because of their track record as an experienced enterprise software consultant. We believe that by combining our unique capabilities, together we will provide customers with solutions that quickly maximize the full potential of cloud software and SaaS.

    Dianne Decena

    VP of Alliances, Zylo

    The partnership will kick off with an event on November 7, 2019 from 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM at Zylo headquarters on Monument Circle in downtown Indianapolis. As enterprise IT leaders begin planning SaaS and software budgets for 2020, Zylo and CleanSlate invite them to learn more about key industry benchmarks and how optimizing SaaS and software management is the foundation for business success. Reserve your spot today, seating is limited.

    To learn more about the partnership, visit zylo.com or cleanslatetg.com.

    About Cleanslate Technology Group

    We are a leading full-service digital transformation agency providing Clarity in Technology. Located in Indianapolis Indiana, CleanSlate provides dedicated practices and specialized consulting services around Cloud, Enterprise Integration, Enterprise Applications and IT Asset Management. Our vision provides a clear pathway for success by combining Strategy, Solutions and Domain Expertise. We exist to make it easy for companies to adopt leading edge cloud technology solutions that accelerate business outcomes.

    To learn more about CleanSlate Technology Group, visit us at cleanslatetg.com or follow @CleanSlate_TG.

    About Zylo

    The largest independent enterprise SaaS management platform, Zylo transforms how businesses manage their SaaS application portfolios. By creating transparency around SaaS spend, license utilization, and user feedback, Zylo provides a centralized system of record that empowers business leaders to discover, manage, measure, and optimize their SaaS investments. Zylo was noted as a Rising Star in Forbes’ 2018 Cloud 100 list, the definitive list for private cloud companies, and was recognized as a Cool Vendor by Gartner.

    For more information on Zylo or to request a demo, visit zylo.com or follow @getzylo.

    CleanSlate Announces Strategic Partnership with Docker

    CleanSlate Announces Strategic Partnership with Docker

    At CleanSlate, we pride ourselves in being a leader in digital transformation. We work with cloud platforms such as AWS to modernize our customers’ applications and deliver ROI.

    Docker is the market leading containerization platform that allows you to securely build and run your applications in any environment with speed. Docker has three components: software, objects and registries. The platform places software in isolated containers, which allows a company to manage and secure their legacy applications, as well as modernize their existing applications. The lightweight containers run simultaneously through on-premise, public cloud or private cloud at lightning speed.

    We are excited to have a CleanSlate as a Docker partner. Their deep knowledge and skills in the areas of digital transformation, cloud and application migration make them a strong partner. 

    Casey Watson

    Vice President of Sales, Docker Central Region

    CleanSlate helps our Clients modernize their applications, and accelerate their migration to the Cloud. We found Docker to be a critical component for our Clients who need a ubiquitous Container solution that plugs into modern DevOps CI/CD automations. We are proud to be a Docker Partner with our Clients.

    David Reed

    Senior Director of Business Development, CleanSlate

    As a leader in the digital transformation space, we are always looking for the best tools and solutions to drive success for our clients. Docker is one of the leading solutions in this area, and we are proud to be a Docker partner. By being a partner, we are able to leverage their technology staff and their professional service team to help our clients get their applications deployed quicker, with higher reliability and maintainability. We have a team of certified Docker solution consultants at CleanSlate, and are able to utilize our partnership with the Docker team to provide the best solutions for our clients.

    CleanSlate Partnership with HCL

    CleanSlate is proud to announce a new partnership with HCL, a global technology company!

    As of July 1, 2019, HCL officially acquired research and development, marketing, delivery and support of IBM’s AppScan, BigFix, Commerce, Connections, Digital Experience (Portal and Content Manager), Notes Domino and Unica products. “We are excited to see HCL step into the marketplace and invest in these products moving forward,” said John Loveys, President & CEO, CleanSlate, who recently attended an HCL Factory Tour event in MA. “We have over 200 customers in our stable that now use HCL software products and we intend to drive growth in those accounts, and support them as we have supported IBM customers since 2000,” said Loveys. “Notes Domino customers, as an example, are finally being rewarded with revamped architecture that will bring these products into today’s modern cloud oriented environments.” 

    The CleanSlate consulting practice is also excited about the future of BigFix. HCL has shared plans with us for new innovation and growth to the BigFix portfolio, and this will have a significant impact on our investment in platform as a solution for the consulting clients. “We see a bright future providing solutions for Asset Management, Compliance, Lifecyle and Security with BigFix and the other HCL security offerings” says Chris Konow, VP of Consulting Services.

    About HCL Technologies

    HCL Technologies is a leading global technology company that helps global enterprises re-imagine and transform their businesses through digital technology transformation. HCL operates out of 44 countries and has consolidated revenues of US $8.6 billion, for the financial year ended 31st March, 2019.

    CleanSlate Hires 5 New Employees

    John Harrison

    John Harrison has joined the CleanSlate team as a Business Development Manager.

    Background on John:

    In his undergrad at Purdue University, John received a degree in agricultural economics. He began his career as a commodities broker, but found his niche once he followed the “best piece of advice he’s ever been given” and entered the IT industry.

    John as a Business Professional:

    According to John, his top three professional strengths are humility and self-awareness, reliability, and work ethic; he prides himself in consistently being a top performer in any sales team he’s been on. He is looking forward to using these qualities to extend CleanSlate’s services to an even broader customer base. 

    John’s Personal Life:

    When John isn’t working, he enjoys spending time with his wife Michelle, son Brandon (25), and daughter Lindsey (21). He is also an avid fisherman and golfer, and loyal to the Colts, Pacers, Reds, and Purdue. A fascinating fact about John is that in 1983 he served as the team captain for his team in the Future Farmers of America Crop State Championship – their team took first place and John took second in his individual score! Another random talent of John’s? He can remember hundreds of friends’, colleagues’, and customers’ phone numbers even after the first time hearing them.

    Ben Marlowe

    Ben Marlowe has joined CleanSlate as Sales Support. 

    Ben’s Background:

    Ben got his undergraduate degree at Millikin University and a Graphic Design degree from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Prior to joining CleanSlate, Ben was an Account Executive doing new business development with Kelly Services. He has over 7 years of experience in employment sales but he’s always wanted to be in technology and CleanSlate is literally a “fresh” start for his career.  

    Ben’s Professional Outlook:

    Three words that Ben would use to describe his professional self are “enthusiastic, persistent, and curious.” He is excited to be entering the tech industry, and plans to use these strengths to contribute to CleanSlate’s success in the “new, exciting, and constantly changing” world of technology. 

    Ben’s Personal Life:

    Ben lives with his wife of two years, and they both enjoy trying new beers at the brewery across the street from them. Also in his free time, Ben enjoys golfing, gardening, and reading. He has read over 200 books since 2018!

    Paul Kassan

    Paul Kassan has joined CleanSlate as a service Delivery Manager. 

    Background on Paul:

    Before starting at CleanSlate, Paul worked as a Product Delivery Manager for Cox Automotive. Prior to that, he worked as an eCommerce and Distribution Manager at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. 

    Paul’s Professional Life:

    Paul prides himself in his strong ability to prioritize, communicate, and formulate a strategic vision. While working for Cox, he collaborated with users, business stakeholders, and development teams to build and implement a document management solution across 70 nationwide locations. He is excited to be working for CleanSlate to gain new experiences, and is particularly looking forward to working with multiple clients and growing his personal and professional network. 

    Paul’s Personal Life:

    When Paul isn’t at work, he enjoys “anything car related” and spending time with his wife Taylor, who are both constantly planning their next travel destination. Amongst other places, they have been to England, Germany, Austria, Canada, and are traveling to Australia in September. Paul would describe himself as “talkative, enthusiastic, and motivated,” and uses these traits in his personal and professional life to constantly move forward and “get things done.” A fun fact that people might not know about Paul is that he’s a very good cook. He specializes in making pizza dough from scratch and achieving the perfect consistency when cooking sea scallops. He also has a unique taste in music and will never forget the Wu-Tang Clan concert that he went to about ten years back.

    Sydney Meyer

    Sydney Meyer has joined CleanSlate as a Marketing and Social Media Consultant.

    About Sydney:

    Sydney graduated in May of this year from the University of Dayton with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, double-majoring in Marketing and International Business Management. In addition to working for CleanSlate, Sydney will be an active member of the Orr Fellowship for the next two years, a professional development organization for young business professionals in Indianapolis.  

    Sydney’s Professional Background:

    Sydney has previously worked as the Marketing and Communications Intern for the park district of her home town in Elmhurst, Illinois, and was a Channel Marketing Intern at ACCO Brands in Kettering, Ohio. At UD, Sydney served as the Chief Financial Officer of her business fraternity, Epsilon Nu Tau.

    Sydney’s Personal Life:

    Outside of work, Sydney enjoys running and spending time with friends and family. Having just moved to Indianapolis, she is working on finding her way around the city and discovering her favorite places to spend time downtown. Fun fact: Sydney has played the cello since fourth grade and played as a hobby in the UD Orchestra.

    Laurence Ruberl

    Laurence Ruberl has joined CleanSlate for the summer as an Xtern, working on developing mobile device software and web applications for our Indy Steel Project. 

    Who is Laurence?

    Laurence is going into his senior year at Earlham College, majoring in Computer Science and Theatre Arts. He has always had an interest in tech, and got into acting after he stage managed shows both in high school and college.

    Laurence’s Previous Experience:

    In addition to working sound and lighting for stage productions, Laurence enjoyed the “best summer of his life” last year while working for NASA near his hometown in Maryland. While gaining work experience, he also got to tour the control room of the Hubble Space Telescope, tour the room that controls 98% of NASAs Near Earth Network, and meet the NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine.

    Laurence’s Life Outside of Work:

    Laurence enjoys video games, specifically Dungeons and Dragons. He is proud to share that he has been developing an app in his free time that will assist stage managers in the ease of their production. Later this summer, Laurence is traveling to Scotland with his school’s theatre department to perform The Misadventures of Martin Hathaway.

    Comparing Swarm vs Kubernetes Terminology

    Comparing Swarm vs Kubernetes Terminology

    One of the things that my team and I are sticklers about is using the proper terminology for the proper technology. It’s just not the debate of “Principle” vs “Principal”, it’s the inferred technology that is applied by the terms you use. For instance, if a client told me they had a Docker Cluster, I might infer they are using Kubernetes, as that is correct terminology. When, in fact, they may be using Docker EE and should have used the term Docker Swarm.

    Recently, when I was learning more about Docker EE Swarm at DockerCon ‘19, I started to realize the concepts are similar in Kubernetes, but the terminology was subtly different. I started to put together my own cheat sheet of similar components, so that I could keep things straight between the different sessions I attended. Now, I can speak both Swarm and Kubernetes without mingling terms, something my team will certainly appreciate!

    Swarm TermKubenetes TermLoose Definition
    SwarmClusterA group of machines that are running that provide high availability of containers.
    NodeCluster MemberEither a physical or virtual host that is participating within the Swarm/Cluster.
    ManagerMasterManages the strategy of how work is distributed within the Swarm/Cluster.
    Worker(Worker) NodeA participating member of the Swarm/Cluster that is providing compute capacity.
    ContainerContainerA standard unit of software that packages up code and all its dependencies, so the application runs quickly and reliably from one computing environment to another.
    TaskPodA group of containers that are deployed together on the same host.
    ServiceReplicaSetStarts and manages the tasks/pods, ensuring the desired state.
    ServiceDeploymentProvides declarative updates to ensure the desired state is maintained.
    StackStackA collection of services to run an application.
    VIPClusterIP ServiceThe IP address representing the service definition.

    Please contact us for your Docker needs.