CleanSlate Hires 5 New Employees

John Harrison

John Harrison has joined the CleanSlate team as a Business Development Manager.

Background on John:

In his undergrad at Purdue University, John received a degree in agricultural economics. He began his career as a commodities broker, but found his niche once he followed the “best piece of advice he’s ever been given” and entered the IT industry.

John as a Business Professional:

According to John, his top three professional strengths are humility and self-awareness, reliability, and work ethic; he prides himself in consistently being a top performer in any sales team he’s been on. He is looking forward to using these qualities to extend CleanSlate’s services to an even broader customer base. 

John’s Personal Life:

When John isn’t working, he enjoys spending time with his wife Michelle, son Brandon (25), and daughter Lindsey (21). He is also an avid fisherman and golfer, and loyal to the Colts, Pacers, Reds, and Purdue. A fascinating fact about John is that in 1983 he served as the team captain for his team in the Future Farmers of America Crop State Championship – their team took first place and John took second in his individual score! Another random talent of John’s? He can remember hundreds of friends’, colleagues’, and customers’ phone numbers even after the first time hearing them.

Ben Marlowe

Ben Marlowe has joined CleanSlate as Sales Support. 

Ben’s Background:

Ben got his undergraduate degree at Millikin University and a Graphic Design degree from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Prior to joining CleanSlate, Ben was an Account Executive doing new business development with Kelly Services. He has over 7 years of experience in employment sales but he’s always wanted to be in technology and CleanSlate is literally a “fresh” start for his career.  

Ben’s Professional Outlook:

Three words that Ben would use to describe his professional self are “enthusiastic, persistent, and curious.” He is excited to be entering the tech industry, and plans to use these strengths to contribute to CleanSlate’s success in the “new, exciting, and constantly changing” world of technology. 

Ben’s Personal Life:

Ben lives with his wife of two years, and they both enjoy trying new beers at the brewery across the street from them. Also in his free time, Ben enjoys golfing, gardening, and reading. He has read over 200 books since 2018!

Paul Kassan

Paul Kassan has joined CleanSlate as a service Delivery Manager. 

Background on Paul:

Before starting at CleanSlate, Paul worked as a Product Delivery Manager for Cox Automotive. Prior to that, he worked as an eCommerce and Distribution Manager at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. 

Paul’s Professional Life:

Paul prides himself in his strong ability to prioritize, communicate, and formulate a strategic vision. While working for Cox, he collaborated with users, business stakeholders, and development teams to build and implement a document management solution across 70 nationwide locations. He is excited to be working for CleanSlate to gain new experiences, and is particularly looking forward to working with multiple clients and growing his personal and professional network. 

Paul’s Personal Life:

When Paul isn’t at work, he enjoys “anything car related” and spending time with his wife Taylor, who are both constantly planning their next travel destination. Amongst other places, they have been to England, Germany, Austria, Canada, and are traveling to Australia in September. Paul would describe himself as “talkative, enthusiastic, and motivated,” and uses these traits in his personal and professional life to constantly move forward and “get things done.” A fun fact that people might not know about Paul is that he’s a very good cook. He specializes in making pizza dough from scratch and achieving the perfect consistency when cooking sea scallops. He also has a unique taste in music and will never forget the Wu-Tang Clan concert that he went to about ten years back.

Sydney Meyer

Sydney Meyer has joined CleanSlate as a Marketing and Social Media Consultant.

About Sydney:

Sydney graduated in May of this year from the University of Dayton with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, double-majoring in Marketing and International Business Management. In addition to working for CleanSlate, Sydney will be an active member of the Orr Fellowship for the next two years, a professional development organization for young business professionals in Indianapolis.  

Sydney’s Professional Background:

Sydney has previously worked as the Marketing and Communications Intern for the park district of her home town in Elmhurst, Illinois, and was a Channel Marketing Intern at ACCO Brands in Kettering, Ohio. At UD, Sydney served as the Chief Financial Officer of her business fraternity, Epsilon Nu Tau.

Sydney’s Personal Life:

Outside of work, Sydney enjoys running and spending time with friends and family. Having just moved to Indianapolis, she is working on finding her way around the city and discovering her favorite places to spend time downtown. Fun fact: Sydney has played the cello since fourth grade and played as a hobby in the UD Orchestra.

Laurence Ruberl

Laurence Ruberl has joined CleanSlate for the summer as an Xtern, working on developing mobile device software and web applications for our Indy Steel Project. 

Who is Laurence?

Laurence is going into his senior year at Earlham College, majoring in Computer Science and Theatre Arts. He has always had an interest in tech, and got into acting after he stage managed shows both in high school and college.

Laurence’s Previous Experience:

In addition to working sound and lighting for stage productions, Laurence enjoyed the “best summer of his life” last year while working for NASA near his hometown in Maryland. While gaining work experience, he also got to tour the control room of the Hubble Space Telescope, tour the room that controls 98% of NASAs Near Earth Network, and meet the NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine.

Laurence’s Life Outside of Work:

Laurence enjoys video games, specifically Dungeons and Dragons. He is proud to share that he has been developing an app in his free time that will assist stage managers in the ease of their production. Later this summer, Laurence is traveling to Scotland with his school’s theatre department to perform The Misadventures of Martin Hathaway.

Comparing Swarm vs Kubernetes Terminology

Comparing Swarm vs Kubernetes Terminology

One of the things that my team and I are sticklers about is using the proper terminology for the proper technology. It’s just not the debate of “Principle” vs “Principal”, it’s the inferred technology that is applied by the terms you use. For instance, if a client told me they had a Docker Cluster, I might infer they are using Kubernetes, as that is correct terminology. When, in fact, they may be using Docker EE and should have used the term Docker Swarm.

Recently, when I was learning more about Docker EE Swarm at DockerCon ‘19, I started to realize the concepts are similar in Kubernetes, but the terminology was subtly different. I started to put together my own cheat sheet of similar components, so that I could keep things straight between the different sessions I attended. Now, I can speak both Swarm and Kubernetes without mingling terms, something my team will certainly appreciate!

Swarm Term Kubenetes Term Loose Definition
Swarm Cluster A group of machines that are running that provide high availability of containers.
Node Cluster Member Either a physical or virtual host that is participating within the Swarm/Cluster.
Manager Master Manages the strategy of how work is distributed within the Swarm/Cluster.
Worker (Worker) Node A participating member of the Swarm/Cluster that is providing compute capacity.
Container Container A standard unit of software that packages up code and all its dependencies, so the application runs quickly and reliably from one computing environment to another.
Task Pod A group of containers that are deployed together on the same host.
Service ReplicaSet Starts and manages the tasks/pods, ensuring the desired state.
Service Deployment Provides declarative updates to ensure the desired state is maintained.
Stack Stack A collection of services to run an application.
VIP ClusterIP Service The IP address representing the service definition.

Please contact us for your Docker needs.

CleanSlate is now a Red Hat Partner

CleanSlate is now a Red Hat Partner

CleanSlate is an IT partner who is always by your side. By working with Red Hat, the industry’s top enterprise Linux vendor, you have a partner in the planning, deployment, and maintenance of your infrastructure. Among the many offerings from Red Hat, the leading product modernizing and optimizing the IT industry is Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). Organizations in the early stages of IT modernization currently running IBM Power Servers are creating Linux LPARs to migrate workloads to Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Many other organizations who are facing high licensing, maintenance and support costs are choosing to move off legacy UNIX systems to a modern, open source Linux infrastructure in order to adopt Red Hat solutions for application development, mobile, deployment, and cloud. Migrating workloads to Red Hat Enterprise Linux – the enterprise-ready, open source operating system – improves productivity and efficiency across your enterprise IT systems and enables an agile IT infrastructure to address new business demands while significantly reducing operational costs. Red Hat Enterprise Linux maximizes the value of your existing infrastructure by introducing new technologies in an incremental, balanced way. Please contact us for your Red Hat needs.
Governor Holcomb Recognizes CleanSlate as Local Economic Development and Tech Leader

Governor Holcomb Recognizes CleanSlate as Local Economic Development and Tech Leader

Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb recently recognized CleanSlate as one of Indiana’s fastest growing technology companies, and a key player in helping to expand our state’s economy through new job creation.

The recognition came as Governor Holcomb unveiled his 2018 Next Level Agenda, a plan that emphasizes the role of high-demand, high-wage sectors like technology in strengthening Indiana’s economy. Having recently announced plans to add up to 50 employees within the next three years, CleanSlate is positioning itself to bring more jobs—and prosperity—to our state.

“With 29,000 new jobs announced this year and one million expected over the next decade, we must act now to ensure Hoosiers have the skills they need to secure good jobs and succeed in our growing economy,” said Governor Holcomb.

To advance Governor Holcomb’s Next Level Agenda, CleanSlate will help attract the industry’s best talent to Indiana to take on the challenges of the evolving tech landscape. It’s why we’re expanding our IBM sales team and consulting practice, as well as doubling down on services such as cloud technology, security, and mobile development.

“Our company is growing and expanding our services, and we’re happy to be doing it right here in Indiana,” said John Loveys, CEO of CleanSlate. “I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished so far in 2017, and we’re excited to continue our momentum into 2018 and beyond.”

We’re lucky to live in a state that supports growing technology companies like ours. And we’re happy we can give more IT professionals great employment opportunities with our planned expansion. If you have any questions about our plans for the future—or about our expanding services—we’d love to talk.


What Do Beer and Robotics Have in Common?

What 20th-century invention goes best with beer and pizza? If you answered “robotics,” you’re right! (We also would have accepted “Buffalo wings.”)

Kidding aside, the CleanSlate team recently joined other technology firms around the Indianapolis area for a program called BeerBots. This event is a joint effort hosted by TechPoint Foundation for Youth and Sun King Brewery. The two companies want to ensure “Indiana’s underserved K-12 students have access to experiential learning opportunities that inspire the pursuit of STEM careers.” BeerBots is a fun way to show the promise of their efforts and share its relevance with the technology community.

On another level, it’s a chance to relax with coworkers while nerding out and working with robotics. Over the course of the event, our CleanSlate crew created robots, drank beer, ate pizza, and teamed-up to win prizes in battle. The game is simple: Robots battle for 1 minute, with a mandatory driver change at the 30-second mark. As the rules state, “Both offense and defense are permitted during the battle, and strategy is key.” The first-place team wins a trophy. Three other teams get the Badass Award, the Nerd Award, and the Terminator Award.

If you or your company are looking for a fun teambuilding activity, contact TechPoint Foundation for Youth for more information.


Join the CleanSlate Team at SAM Summit 2017

Join the CleanSlate Team at SAM Summit 2017

One of the industry’s leading SAM conferences, the International Business Software Managers Association’s SAM Summit is a three-day event focused on tactical software asset management strategies, software licensing, contracting, compliance, and more. It’s a great opportunity to learn from leading minds in the industry and get insight into emerging trends and developments.

This year’s SAM Summit will take place July 10-12 at the University of Chicago Gleacher Center in Downtown Chicago (get directions here). CleanSlate will be hosting two educational sessions:

  • “Painless Upgrading to IBM’s Latest License Metric Tool” July 11, at 11:15 CST
  • “How to Measure Usage with ILMT and Save on Licensing Key Products” July 11, at 1:30 CST

These sessions will focus on IBM ILMT, ways to use IBM BigFix to measure software usage, and how to save on licensing costs and ELA negotiations. You’ll also be able to take advantage of more than 70 other sessions featuring SAM and licensing experts from companies including Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, SAP, and more.

It’s a can’t-miss event for SAM professionals. Registration is quick and easy—make sure you take advantage of this great opportunity!

Speaking of great opportunities: CleanSlate will also be hosting a get-together on Sunday, June 9, at the Wrigley Rooftops as the Chicago Cubs take on the Pittsburg Pirates. The game starts at 12:10 p.m., and we’d love to see you there!

If you have any questions about SAM Summit 2017, our educational sessions, or our Wrigley Rooftops outing, don’t hesitate to contact us. In the meantime, register for the SAM Summit today!