CleanSlate Technology Group Receives Acceptance into AWS Public Sector Partner Program

CleanSlate is committed to providing AWS solutions and expertise to Public Sector Community

CleanSlate, a full-service cloud transformation agency, has been accepted into the Public Sector Partner Program in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN).

CleanSlate is being recognized for their expertise and experience in delivering solutions for government, education, and nonprofit customers. CleanSlate is helping organizations migrate to the cloud, transform public sector organizations through innovative solutions, and provide mission-based strategies to help develop remote work and learning.

Amazon API Gateway

“CleanSlate was recommended to us by another company for their AWS expertise.  We have been delighted with their expertise, adaptability, quality, responsiveness, and sense of urgency.  In a very short period of time, they helped us deliver an adaptable tool that has thrilled our business partners.” 

 John Bennett

VP, IT,  Vemo Education

One customer, Vemo Education, transforms the way schools attract students and measure outcomes. CleanSlate was engaged to work with Vemo to design and implement a new replacement to their legacy server-based solution.

CleanSlate delivered a data-driven solution, eliminating the EC2 backend by creating an API and Lambda solution to function as a single back-end for any school, including new schools that may be added in the future.

CleanSlate joined the AWS Partner Network in 2018 and has since experienced exceptional growth in the delivery of AWS cloud-based services. Receiving acceptance into the Public Sector Partner Program is a recognition of CleanSlate’s commitment to client success and satisfaction by obtaining the full value from their AWS investment.




Founded in 2000, CleanSlate Technology Group is an Indianapolis-based IT consultancy providing dedicated consulting services for cloud, CRM, and IT asset management as well as software services for IBM and Red Hat

CleanSlate is a leading AWS Advanced Consulting Partner uniquely equipped to build new and modernize complex legacy applications.  We are a premier technology consultancy with expertise in cloud architecture, modern application development and DevOps.  We provide strategic planning and implementation services for cloud-native applications and infrastructure solutions.  Our experience delivering AWS cloud solutions enables us to maintain a strong portfolio of delighted clients, ranging from Fortune-level global enterprises to well-funded start-ups across all verticals, such as Delta Faucet, Herff Jones and KAR Auction Services.

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CleanSlate Technology Group achieves Service Delivery Partner designation Amazon API Gateway

Designation of AWS SDP verifies Partners deep knowledge and expertise of achieved service

CleanSlate, a full-service cloud transformation agency, has achieved Service Delivery Partner Amazon API Gateway status in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN).

To receive this designation, CleanSlate underwent validation from the AWS team of Partner Solutions Architects to ensure extensive review over architecture, customer documentation, and customer case studies to ensure AWS best practices are met for the API Gateway service.

Amazon API Gateway

We are totally committed to our strategic partnership with Amazon. The achievement of obtaining our API Gateway designation is emblematic of this, and we hope will serve as a message to our current and future clients to trust us to help guide them through their digital transformation journeys”.

Chris Konow

COO, CleanSlate TG

CleanSlate joined the AWS Partner Network in 2018 and has since experienced exceptional growth in the delivery of AWS cloud-based services. Achieving the Amazon API Gateway service designation is also a recognition of CleanSlate’s commitment to client success and satisfaction by obtaining the full value from their AWS investment.

The cloud is having measurable effects on businesses who are choosing to embrace the digital transformation.

For example, some companies have seen as much as 20-30% improvement in time to market, 31% average cost savings, and 7x reduction in downtime when compared to on-premises infrastructure.

CleanSlate has seen similar significant results – with implementation of AWS API Gateway, one client saw 70% reduction in time to provision infrastructure environments, scalability and reliability of their programs. Implementation of Amazon API Gateway requires AWS expertise and experience – a big part of what CleanSlate brings to clients.

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About CleanSlate TG

Founded in 2000, CleanSlate Technology Group is an Indianapolis-based IT consultancy providing dedicated consulting services for cloud, CRM, and IT asset management as well as software services for IBM and Red Hat.

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, we provide strategic planning and implementation services for cloud native applications and infrastructure solutions. Our experience delivering AWS-based cloud solutions has enabled us to build a strong pipeline of delighted clients, who range from Fortune-level global enterprises to start-ups.

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AWS Webinar: Cloud Migration Strategies

Migrating out of the data center and into the Cloud can transform your business, but it’s critical to approach your migration strategically and with the right resources and tools.

To learn how to migrate to the cloud with confidence, please join the leadership team from AWS, cloud assessment specialists CloudChomp and Advanced Consulting Partner CleanSlate for an informative webinar.

We will discuss:

  • Economics of moving to the cloud
  • How to gain more visibility into current on premise assets and cost (TCO)
  • How to determine the costs to run current workloads in AWS
  • What is Return on Investment (ROI) to migrate
  • Hear from our clients – case study

Careful planning ensures you can meet migration goals, optimize your TCO and benefit from the many AWS services at your fingertips. So, please join us for this exciting and informative webinar!




August 13th, 2020

12:00 – 1:00 PM ET

On-demand viewing of live event will be available after the event


Chris Seitz

Director of Cloud Services


David Pulaski



Douglas Gallagher

 Business Development Manager



CleanSlate and CloudCheckr

CleanSlate and CloudCheckr

CleanSlate Technology Group is a proud partner of CloudCheckr, an advanced cloud management service platform working to offer comprehensive cost and security solutions for various companies. CloudCheckr’s success stems from the combination of IT, finance and security teams in order to offer the most effective and comprehensive cloud management solutions. CloudCheckr is an AWS Advanced Technology Partner and an Azure Silver Partner. Offering expertise and management in cost, security, compliance, resource inventory and utilization, and cloud automation, CloudCheckr is one of the most detailed and advanced cloud managers that companies can work with.  


Perhaps the most vital element to cloud management is the security aspect of it; even the most sophisticated cloud architects and developers make mistakes and can still be at frequent risk of attacks. Advanced system design and architecture are the building blocks of cloud security. IT administration and frequent assessments and validations are vital elements of security as well, which is where CloudCheckr comes in. By offering secure configuration and frequent monitoring and compliance in the cloud, CloudCheckr provides the most effective and advanced cloud security management for your company. Several components of CloudCheckr’s security features include:


  • Cloud Log Intelligence facilitating log documentation and analytic
  • Alerts for significant changes in configurations
  • Security best practice checks
  • IAM and permissions tracking
  • Cloud perimeter assessments
  • Continuous total compliance, checking over thirty regulatory standards, and automated fixing of vulnerabilities 


CloudCheckr’s security operations are essential to the success of your organization. According to polls conducted by CloudCheckr, it was found that 73% of the success of your organization’s public cloud infrastructure investment is tied back to security. This makes security the second most important element of cloud infrastructure, behind IT operations and infrastructure.  

With the help of CloudCheckrCleanSlate ran a security assessment on a financial services company and focused on analyzing and assessing the following areas: Cloud Architecture, Security & Compliance, DevOps, Monitoring & Operations, and Backup & Recovery. Through this assessment CleanSlate’s team was able to identify:  

  • 41 critical issues
  • 29 high level issues 
  • 39 medium issues
  • 22 low level issues
  • 5 unidentifiable issues that required further analysis 

CleanSlate found 136 cloud security issues. These are common issues that can significantly impact the function of company’s cloud as a whole and leave it susceptible to a wide variety of security issues and/or attacks. Through remediation process, CleanSlate was able to immediately erase the 41 critical issues that exist. The team then set up a 6-month plan to erase the remaining errors in the cloud, setting the company up for effective cloud structure and security for years to come. CleanSlate Technology Group is able to effectively assess cloud security thanks to its partnership with CloudCheckr 


Check out our Cloud Security Assessment Offering here.

Check out CleanSlate AWS and Azure Cloud offering here.

Cloud First Web Apps in Azure

Creating cloud enabled applications has several distinct differences compared to traditional software solutions. Cloud native applications built leveraging Azure cloud services can look very different than the typical Microsoft stack.

In this introductory presentation, we will show you how to deliver web applications that are built from scratch with the cloud in mind, specifically meant for Azure. 

Not sure how to get started with Azure?  Contact us and we can help!

Empowering Your World with Alexa

Voice driven computing is revolutionizing how we work, live and play in the digital world. People are interacting with applications in new ways, providing easier access to weather forecasts, home automation, and a variety of other applications.

Stephen Sailor, Senior Consultant at CleanSlate, recently spoke at a conference where he discusses Amazon Alexa and explores how we can use this awesome platform to build conversational smart bots both quickly and easily.

Interested in learning more?  Contact us to see what other exciting things we can do for your company.