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The perfect quote: How CleanSlate helped Hughes Insurance Agency optimize their business.


Hughes Insurance Group (“Hughes”) is a premier insurance agency in Indiana, and a leading sales channel for some of the nation’s top insurance companies. They provide a robust set of product and pricing offerings to their customers through expanded partnerships with multiple insurance carriers. However, the majority of processes used to provide policy quotes to customers—as well as the management of those quotes—have historically been completed either manually or through outdated legacy management systems.

These manual processes required a good deal of phone calls and emails with customers. Although some customers prefer this level of personal interaction, Hughes realized that many customers desired a method to quickly and easily request online quotes. In addition, Hughes’ staff desired a more robust management system that would allow for a faster, easier workflow process and agent performance tracking.

Hughes aspired to create a new mechanism that would provide online quoting features to its clients and expand functionality for agents. It would be an innovative process entirely new to the agency market, and it would also provide an additional sales channel to its premier carrier(s).


To satisfy Hughes’ requirements, CleanSlate worked to make sure the customer-quoting interface was fast and simple to use. In addition, it needed to be directly integrated into the carrier system for the fulfillment of quotes, and to allow quotes to be driven through the application process and final policy fulfillment.

The back-end management system for the interface needed to allow agents to easily access and manage quotes assigned to them, as well as provide features to allow greater performance tracking and other analytics. With these requirements in mind, we outlined a clear plan and went to work.

The CleanSlate team led Hughes through creative exercises to help develop concepts for the visual design, functional requirements, and technical architecture for the new quoting interface and quote management system. Afterward, CleanSlate leveraged the deliverables to arrive at the following:

  • A new user interface allowing customers to seamlessly request online automobile quotes directly from the Hughes website. This interface breaks the quoting process down into a simplified series of data entry screens, allowing customers to provide limited personal information for the quote. It also allows them to “dial” their policy coverage options to generate a quote that fits their needs and budget.
  • An enhanced quote management system used by Hughes branches/locations, agents, and leadership to effectively assign quotes, manage customer communications, and access robust analytics to measure performance across the entire organization.
  • A responsive design that allows easy use on both desktop and mobile devices.

Value Delivered

Since the implementation of the new quoting interface and quote management system, Hughes has used it as a platform to provide additional channels for the sale of policies and to help staff better understand trends. This will allow for future enhancements to expand and customize offerings to better serve customers.

The development of these new systems has allowed Hughes to use them as a platform to promote the unique online quoting experience—and they’ve also shown that they are serious about revolutionizing the way that agencies interact with carriers and customers. These new systems have caused a buzz in the insurance space and may prove to drive innovation and customer experiences in the future. The site has also been impactful in generating additional business opportunities that would not have otherwise been realized if Hughes had not differentiated itself from other agencies.

Because of the desire to reduce licensing costs and gain more control over the features within the new online learning system, we helped Hughes deploy the solution within the Microsoft Azure cloud and through the development of customized ASP.Net code. It’s just one more way we helped optimize their solution in an innovative way.

See the new Hughes Insurance Group website with all the integrated functions at

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