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Fortune 500 Healthcare Provider

Software Asset Management
Software Asset Management
Software Asset Management

How we helped a Fortune 500 global healthcare provider get the most out of their SAM strategy.


A Fortune 500 global healthcare provider was up against a deadline to renew their IBM enterprise licensing agreement and did not have control of their software usage and current IBM license position.


This client has four large data centers across the globe. Before our involvement, each data center had been supported by different teams utilizing different in-house tools to manage their inventory of hardware and software. They had no Software Asset Management (SAM) process in place to capture IBM licensing usage metrics, and, most important, nothing in place to track the PVU licensing metric for IBM sub-capacity licensing requirements.

Secondly, they had no handle on measuring the other non-PVU metrics for IBM, including user, concurrent, floating, and 60 other IBM metric types. This led to a situation where renewal software costs were going up 15% each year with no real understanding of how that software was being used or leveraged.

To handle this issue, this organization looked to us to get their IBM software licensing under control. We worked directly with their licensing and application support teams to determine what their current IBM license position was and developed a solution that helped save them money while providing a much clearer picture of how they are using their software. Lastly, we set up a managed services arrangement and continued to provide SAM software lifecycle management services for IBM licensing.

Value Delivered

CleanSlate helped implement SAM tools (ILMT and BigFix) to track PVU consumption and other product metrics, and provided direction on optimizing their current IBM software contract. The outcome wasn’t just a better understanding of their software—it has also allowed them to make better decisions moving forward with new IBM contracts.

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